Do You Dwell Too Much on Your Soulmate?

Do you dwell too much on your soulmate? When a soulmate enters your life, it is hard not to dwell on them. You soulmate is suddenly the center of your universe and the only person you want to talk to or hang out with. When soulmates meet no one else in the world exists. The pull between souls is strong but when you add the intensity of emotion, it’s like nothing you’ve experienced before.


There’s a positive and negative side to dwelling on your soulmate. At first, it can be exhilarating, so enjoy that part. Since so many soulmates have a period of separation, dwelling will go in another direction entirely. When soulmates separate, even for a short time, it can feel debilitating. It’s like your right arm was cut off because they are such a part of you and now that part is are missing.

dwelling on your soulmate
Do You Dwell Too Much on Your Soulmate?

Perhaps your soulmate is not around right now because of a job change or family illness. If so, try not to dwell too much. The universe is giving you time apart to get yourself in check. A soulmate’s reason for not being around is logical and necessary.

Crying and acting as if your life is over is not what you’re supposed to be doing. Dwelling like that is unhealthy, especially since you don’t have a good reason. Sure, you can miss them, but your life shouldn’t be falling apart. On the contrary, you should be building it up.


If you really believe this person is your soulmate, then have some faith in that. Get some things in your life caught up so you can spend more time with them when they get back. When soulmates are apart, it is a test of sorts. If you dwell too much and fall apart, the relationship can fall apart. You don’t want that.

Don’t dwell on how sad you are because they left you for right now. Remind yourself that your soulmate needs to do this and be supportive. Tell yourself how good it will be when you talk and see one another and how you will make the most of that. Rise to the challenge instead of falling to pieces.

If your soulmate ends the relationship you can allow yourself to dwell, but not indefinitely. When a soulmate relationship ends, it can be devastating. But this is not an excuse to check out of life. They hurt you by leaving, don’t hurt yourself further by constantly grieving. At first you have a right to dwell but at a certain point you have to dust yourself off and get on with your life.

It will be hard to break the cycle of thoughts and behaviors you practiced while dwelling on your soulmate break-up. It won’t be easy, but you have to allow other things into your life and mind. It’s time to pick up the pieces of your life and become a bigger part of it. Start in zombie mode if you have to. And just fake it until you make it.

Eventually, even though your soulmate will still have a piece of your heart, you will also find joy and happiness in other things. If/when they come back, you can deal with them again. Don’t put yourself through the grieving process too long. You want to be a whole person if/when they come back, or for someone new who can enter your life.


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