Could You and Your Soulmate be Opposites?

There is a saying that opposites attract. And that saying is very true when it comes to soulmates.

Many people believe their soulmate is their other half. So shouldn’t their other half actually be quite different?

Since we are all a sum of our parts, soulmate relationships can often fill voids in us where we are lacking. And they will teach us things or help us in those areas.


Soulmates usually mirror each other. People think their soulmate will like the same kinds of music, movies, food and opinions. But this isn’t always true. Some people, of course, discover their soulmate is just like them. And the similarities are often uncanny. They may use the same phrases, share similar views on many things and even have some similar physical characteristics. They are just two peas in a pod.

Could You and Your Soulmate be Opposites?
Could You and Your Soulmate be Opposites?

On the other hand, there are a great number of people who learn their soulmate is the exact oppositeĀ of them. Why wouldn’t their soulmate be just like them? Why is their soulmate so different from them in so many ways?

There are times when our soulmates have to be different. It’s their job to reflect back to us things within ourselves that need work. This work will require personal growth.

For instance, perhaps you lack self-confidence. But your soulmate is a very confident person. That is actually a good thing. And if you learn from your soulmate to have more confidence in yourself, the relationship with your soulmate has great benefit.

On the other hand, your soulmate may be intelligent but lacks the belief in their own abilities. After meeting you, and getting encouragement and support, they can do more and achieve more with their intellect. And that is thanks to his connection and relationship with you.

It’s not always a bad thing for soulmates to be opposites. What they bring to you, and the relationship, will make you a better person. Or you will help make them a better person. After all this is ultimately the reason you are in each others lives.

If the soulmates are alike, there is often harmony in the relationship right away, and fewer bumps along the way. Unless of course there is a competitiveness or other issues within that soulmate relationship that can cause friction. So, in the end, there are some soulmate connections where the couple is so alike, yet others are polar opposites. Both kinds of soulmates connections can work out. And neither is necessarily better than the other.

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  1. Be aware though – in this example one with great “self-confidence”… Well, that is narcissistic, and/or abusive eventually (this never fails). Instead all that “self-confident” is he/she caring ? (That is what we all need: caring. Egoists and likes are all around… as is, no need to start out
    with such.)


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