Closure from a Soulmate Relationship

Steps to get closure from a soulmate relationship start with you. You don’t need your soulmate to give you closure. You can take the steps all by yourself. Since you’re taking steps to get closure from a soulmate relationship, it would be rational to think your soulmate isn’t being co-operative right now. It’s doubtful they will help you take steps toward closure anyway.

Also keep in mind your soulmate may not really want you to get closure, regardless of what they’re saying to you. The good thing is you don’t need them for closure. Here is what you can do to begin your path towards closure.


The first step to get closure from a soulmate is to realize you can’t control it. And you can’t control the connection either. Cease all efforts to control what your soulmate does and thinks. You also can’t force them to learn their lessons. You have to stop trying, talking and begging. And stop obsessing about how to sever the connection.

The connection will always be there. But that doesn’t mean you have to suffer in the future, like you did in the past, because of your connection. You can get closure without cutting off the connection. Many people have done it and so can you.

Closure from a Soulmate Relationship
Closure from a Soulmate Relationship


The next step to is to cut off all forms of communication. This includes ways of seeing into one another’s lives. Cut them off from social media. They don’t need to see what you’re up to and you sure as hell don’t need to see what they’re doing. Block them from calling, texting or emailing you. Don’t open the door if they stop by. And don’t contact them on holidays, special days or birthdays.

If you hear news of something happening in their life, don’t do anything. It’s not your place anymore. And it’s not your job to be supportive. Focus on your life, not theirs. Rebuild your life, stop worrying about theirs. Leave them alone.


Don’t focus on scenarios you create about the future or relive the past. The past is gone. So there’s no sense in rehashing it. You should only be focusing on the present. Don’t think about what might be in the future. Or what you would say to them in the future. Daydreaming about them coming back only keeps you stuck. So does being sorry or having regrets.

This stops you from moving forward and actually keeps you from getting the closure you seek. If they pop back into the picture down the line, deal with it then. You can’t know where you will be in your life, heart, and mind then. So stop the guessing games and leave it for when and if it happens.


Don’t try to get into a new relationship right away. And don’t get depressed because you can’t find someone new. You need time to heal and create distance from your soulmate first. You should do this before any new relationship really has a shot at working out anyway. Be honest with yourself and only start dating when you’re emotionally available.  Not emotionally wounded.


Your soulmate will pop into your head now and again whether you like it or not. Don’t let that get you down or make you feel like closure is impossible. Just let those thoughts come and go. Don’t dwell on them. Push past them however you have to. Eventually they will pop into your head less and less. It doesn’t go away all at once. But the frequency will slow down if you put in the work to block it. Toss those thoughts aside without giving them energy.

Whether you’re seeking temporary or permanent closure from a soulmate relationship, the steps are the same. You don’t even have to decide if it’s permanent or temporary right now. If your soulmate is causing you too much pain and you can’t take it anymore, taking steps to get closure can give you some relief from your agony.


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