Can You Win Your Soulmate Back?

Can you win your soulmate back? Has your soulmate refused to speak to you because of an argument or disagreement? Have you done something to cause your soulmate to break-up with you? Has your soulmate gone so deep into denial they cut off your relationship without any real warning? Is there a way you can win back your soulmate when they’ve turned their back on your connection, love, and relationship? There is no universal answer to this question.


There’s no absolute way you can win your soulmate back. Some people think the more they do, and the harder they try, eventually their soulmate will return. Sorry folks, but that isn’t always true. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can’t win your soulmate back. Only they can decide to get back together with you. You can’t force them to. There’s nothing you can do or say that will set a light bulb off in their head if they’re dead set against it. And God forbid you try to win them back with some sort of magical mumbo jumbo as that comes with severe karmic implications. Sometimes you just have to give them space and time. You have to give them the amount of time and space they need, not what you need.

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Can You Win Your Soulmate Back?

If you’ve done something really major, chances are you may have to give them a considerable amount of time before they’ll even be open to the idea. If you have done nothing, or they’re using something stupid or small as an excuse, nothing you can do or say can bring your soulmate back. They are in runner mode. Just stand still and don’t bother trying to get them to return just now.


The more you try to get your soulmate to return when they are running away, the faster and further they will run. You will only make things worse and prolong things if you try to win them back right now. They need to go it alone for the moment. Their emotions, not their logic, overtook them.

They couldn’t handle their emotions, which created fear. Give them some time to let their emotions die down. Then they will think more clearly. Allow them get under control before you even think of having a serious conversation with them. Until they understand what they did how can they help you understand it? How can they change it? They can’t. And if you try too hard to get answers from them, you will force them to lie and make stuff up. Because they don’t really know the answers.


If your soulmate is screwing your relationship up all the time, why would you bother trying to win them back? If they have another person in their life, refuse to step up to the plate, keep breaking up with you or sabotage your relationship, that’s their mess to fix. They should be the one trying to win YOU back. And if you keep doing what they should be doing, your relationship is only headed for more problems down the road. If they broke it, let them fix it.


Don’t help them do their job and don’t make it easy on them. It was a piece of cake for them to screw things up, so let them put the same amount of time energy and effort into trying to win you back. You may want to win your soulmate back, and sometimes the timing isn’t right, or your soulmate isn’t open to it. You may want to win your soulmate back when they should be the one trying to win you over. It is times like these where the best thing you can do is nothing. Waiting may seem like a waste of time to you, but it is actually trying to win your soulmate back when they are resistant that is really the waste of your time.


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  1. My soulmate 6 years left 4 months ago we are in out late fiftys he can’t give reasons that make since for leaving . Now he doesn’t respond

  2. Thank you for this. Been searching for answers for weeks… And doing some reading online… And finally found exactly what I need to hear/see.


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