How Astrology Effects Your Soulmate Relationship

Many people ask us how much astrology impacts soulmate relationships. The answer really varies. Some astrological signs may not be compatible but that doesn’t mean they can’t be soulmates. Just because someone’s astrology sign is compatible with yours doesn’t increase the odds they could be your soulmate. It may help if your soulmate’s astrological sign is compatible with yours, But this doesn’t always indicate your soulmate relationship will be without friction and some major incompatibility issues.


We must also remember that we’re not just our sun sign, our standard astrology sign. We’re also an amalgamation of our rising signs and moon sign. Having similar planets in Venus, Jupiter or Saturn is probably more a reflection of your compatibility than your astrological (sun) sign. Venus rules love and Jupiter rules luck and expansion. A soulmate connection is a karmic connection. So where Saturn, the great taskmaster that rules karma, resides is another great indicator. So while the best match for a Virgo is a Pisces, for instance, a better indicator of compatibility is what’s going on in their rising sign, moon placement and all the other planets and houses.

Astrology Effects Your Soulmate Relationship
How Astrology Effects Your Soulmate Relationship


You can meet someone with the same birthday as yours and although that is rare, it may not be a sign they’re your soulmate. It could be that they are but it can also be a coincidence. Soulmates are hard to find, but that’s because of how rare they are. There are not hundreds and hundreds of potential soulmates for every person out there. Although there is more than one soulmate per lifetime. So if you haven’t met one yet, don’t despair.

It’s not really your job to seek out your soulmate. Just be open to them when they do arrive. Soulmate signs can be indicated via astrology. But many soulmate signs are present without the use of astrology. Many people express fear they won’t know their soulmate when they meet them. Don’t worry, you should have no problem knowing right away your soulmate has arrived!


When you meet your soulmate you should know it right away. The chemistry makes itself known immediately and it is pretty powerful. Many soulmates have described they have felt short of breath or had their breath taken away. Others have spoken of how their eyes locked and they couldn’t look away or see anyone or anything else in the room. Many experience a feeling of knowing something is very different and unlike anything they have ever felt before.

Some soulmates have sensed a feeling of knowing this person a long time ago, yet they just met. A sense of familiarity and instantly feeling comfortable has also been experienced by those just meeting a soulmate. Although there are many similarities, each experience is different to at least some degree.

The same is true with soulmates and astrology. Some soulmates show up in each others charts. Some soulmates don’t. Some soulmates are compatible astrology signs, and some aren’t. Either way, it’s ok because it’s not as important as the lessons to be learned through the relationship, and how they each react to their connection.

Once you meet your soulmate, learning about their astrology sign can prove informative. You can get a better understanding of their personality and what makes them tick. From astrology you can gain insight into what challenges are in the future for your relationship and what positive events lie ahead. Astrology can reveal that you and your soulmate have many of the same planets in the same houses, and which are compatible and which aren’t. We are not astrologers and can’t assist you with an astrology reading for you or your soulmate.

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