Are You Worrying About Your Soulmate?

Are you worrying about your soulmate? Has your soulmate done or said things that cause you to worry what they may do or say next? Are you worrying all the time whether they reciprocate your feeling? Do you worry they may not believe or understand the your connection? Are you worrying your soulmate may leave you and end your relationship?


Soulmate relationships are tough ones. And they’re not the romance filled fairy tales people often think they are. When soulmates first encounter one another, they have a hard time believing this is really happening to them. No one has a clue what they’re going through and what the soul connection is doing to them. They try to explain it, but they know that very few people actually seem to get it.

Are You Worrying About Your Soulmate?
Are You Worrying About Your Soulmate?

They worry they’re crazy or losing their mind all together. Now add a soulmate with the same experiences and you have a stress filled mess. At first many soulmate couples ride on pure love and energy. They welcome the feelings and let their minds go adrift. When their logic and sensibility returns, the worrying  starts. Why do they feel so much for this person already?

This is not normal and it doesn’t make sense. They weren’t even looking for a relationship. They feel unprepared and their life is going through a total upheaval. One or both soulmates may be in relationships already. How does this make sense? Why would the universe bring a soulmate if they are not single? This is usually because you’re SUPPOSED to be single but won’t get out of the wrong relationship for whatever reason.


All these thoughts make a person very confused. They know what they feel, even if they try to deny it. But their thoughts remind them their feelings make no sense. While they try to make sense out of what happening, both soulmates usually start worrying and become filled with anxiety.

What if this isn’t real? What if this doesn’t last? Should I let myself go and invest in this 100% hoping they change their feelings or their mind? This person couldn’t feel the same way I do, right? All these question, and more, give soulmates plenty to worry about.

Soulmates need to understand they’re taking a journey together. They might not be moving at the same speed, but they’re both moving in the same direction. So, if your soulmate has not gotten all of their fears, doubts, and feelings of discomfort sorted out yet, relax. You are not going to always be at the same point in your journey at all times. You may have to wait a little while for them to catch up. It might be tempting to do so, but you don’t want to drag them with you in an effort to hurry them along. It won’t work. Their pace is their own and you must respect it and not try to control it.

You also don’t want to start worrying about them, otherwise you’re slipping backwards too. It really doesn’t do any good, because worrying makes for really bad choices for the most part. Your feelings override good judgement. And you may find yourself making stupid excuses to do really stupid things that enable them to stay stuck. If they stay stuck, so will you. Instead of worrying, try believing in the connection you have. Take strength from that connection and have it help you rid yourself of the negative thoughts an emotions that are dragging you down.

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