Are You Afraid of Losing Your Soulmate?

It’s easy to see why you fear losing your soulmate. Your soulmate relationship can either make you fearless, or very afraid. If your soulmate is coming from a place of fear, they will transfer that same fear to you. We consider this because soulmates mirror and reflect to each other. Of course you will have different fears and different reactions to those fears. More than likely, if your soulmate is bringing fear to the relationship it will manifest within you as well. Here is an example of what we are talking about:

Are You Afraid of Losing Your Soulmate?
Are You Afraid of Losing Your Soulmate?


Let’s say your soulmate has been through a traumatic relationship prior to being with you. Although you are nothing like their past partner, they may see relationships as mostly negative. They may feel showing real emotion is a weakness.

When you first meet they are open. They share their feelings with you and make you feel loved and comfortable. You both speak of a future together in glowing, positive ways. They feel so happy to have you in their life and in turn have made you happy as well. You and your soulmate are on the same page.

But then your soulmate begins to dwell on their past relationship. They begin to fear that although your relationship is magical, what if it turns sour like their last relationship? Here comes the fear! They become genuinely afraid of how hurt they will be if this soulmate relationship takes a downward turn. Because they are afraid of losing you, they withdraw, either emotionally or physically. They start to tell themselves they need space from you in order to remain in control.


Now you have no idea what is going on internally with your soulmate. All you know is everything was going great but now they’re acting like a different person. You go through every conversation, text, and email wondering what you did wrong. And your imagination takes over and you begin to think “Did they find someone else?”.

You let fear take root. And then it takes over your imagination. You begin to wonder if it was all an act on your soulmate’s part. Did they ever really care? Was it all in your head? Is this just a game to them? Now you get an attitude with your soulmate when you speak to them. You are both afraid of losing your soulmate at this point. The problem is, neither of you are handling it well.

If you don’t find a healthy, honest way of being afraid to lose your soulmate, it might just happen. Since both of you are afraid you are not making the best choices going forward. Without an honest discussion and clearing the air, the seeds of fear with only grow and grow.

Another problem is fear breeds lies. Instead of telling the truth, out come lies. If your soulmate isn’t ready to deal with fear of losing you, they won’t express the truth. Instead they will lie, or make up excuses, rather than let you know their deepest fear. You may also not be willing to express you’re afraid of losing them. Lies or excuses prevent soulmates from dealing with their fears. Until they deal with their fear it will only get bigger.

So until your soulmate is ready to be honest with the real reason why they are screwing things up, you will only hear untruths. Don’t dwell on their excuses and lies like they want you to. If you have found yourself in a place where you have become afraid of losing your soulmate, don’t panic. Don’t react emotionally just yet.  You need to focus on your faith in soulmate and your connection. When you find yourself fearing losing your soulmate, you need to remember your faith to prevent insecurities from building before you make a costly mistake.


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