10 Reasons to End Your Soulmate Relationship

Sadly there are many reasons to end your soulmate relationship. Many people believe a soulmate relationship is everlasting and that they will stay together. They believe the connection can’t be broken. There should be no reason to ever end a soulmate relationship, right? Soulmates are destined to be together forever, aren’t they? What could possibly be a good reason to end a soulmate relationship? Since it took so long to find our soulmate, why on earth would we let them go? How does that benefit you both in the long run? Sometimes it may actually be necessary to end your soulmate relationship.


1. If your soulmate is in another relationship and won’t end it, it may be time to end yours. Your soulmate connection is supposed to help you to leave bad situations. This works the opposite for some soulmates, however. And actually enables them to stay in a bad situation. This is not honoring your soulmate connection. It may be up to you to put your foot down and let go of your soulmate for a while to allow the other relationship to run its course. Then your soulmate can come back to you single and without the excess baggage of another relationship. Let’s face it, the drama of the other relationship causes friction and problems between the two of you anyway.

2. If your soulmate has pulled a runner and won’t see you or communicate with you, it may be wise to let the relationship go. That does not mean they will not return. Chasing them will actually have an adverse affect. You may need to let go of your soulmate until they are ready, willing and able to engage in a relationship with you.

3. If your soulmate comes and goes and your relationship is on again off again, it may be time for you to end it. You don’t want or need an on again off again relationship. Your soulmate, for whatever reason, does. Stop being a part of the relationship they want. Until you do, you will never get the type of relationship that you want.

4. If your soulmate is addicted to alcohol, pills or whatever and it’s affecting your relationship, it is time to end it. You can’t make a relationship work under those conditions. They only thing you are doing is allowing bad behavioral patterns to cement themselves within your relationship. Then, even if they do conquer their addiction, the bad behaviors remain. Walk away and end your soulmate relationship until they seek help for their addiction.

10 Reasons to End Your Soulmate Relationship
10 Reasons to End Your Soulmate Relationship

5. If your soulmate keeps sabotaging your relationship, it may be time to end it. If your soulmate picks fights with you all the time and makes every little problem bigger than it should be, end it. By putting some space between both of you, your soulmate the wake up call they need. They are abusing you and the relationship and they need to have a healthy fear that if they don’t knock it off it will end.

6. If your soulmate has a toxic relationship with his friends or family, you may need to end your soulmate relationship. And if their influence is making your relationship toxic, you need to step back. Your soulmate needs to get some control over his relationship with his family and friends. Because until then, they will keep damaging your soulmate relationship.

7. If your soulmate won’t commit to you or give your relationship a fair chance, it may be time to end it. But your soulmate may keep saying they’re not ready for a relationship. They may be seeing other people and won’t be monogamous. And this is keeping you from building a real relationship with them. Your soulmate may be doing this only because you’re putting up with it.  So it may be time for you to call their bluff and end your soulmate relationship.

8. If your soulmate refuses to open up about their emotions, the time might be right to end your relationship. They may be treating you like a booty call or friends with benefits. And they may swear up and down they don’t feel the same way about you that you feel about them. But you may know deep down that it’s a lie because you can feel the connection. So ending your soulmate relationship may be the only thing you can do to get them to admit their true feelings for you.

9. If your soulmate won’t let your relationship go to the next level it may be time to call it quits. The only way for them to get over their fears of getting more serious could be the chance they will lose you for good. If you’ve been waiting for a more serious relationship, it might be a good time to give them an ultimatum and follow through with it.

10. If your soulmate relationship isn’t really working and is too complicated and dysfunctional, bow out. If you feel you have done all you can it may be time to walk away. But you don’t have to end it forever, just until they are willing to put in the effort to allow the relationship to work. You cannot do it all by yourself.


Although soulmate connections may last forever, soulmate relationships don’t. Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself and the relationship is to end it. A permanent ending to a dysfunctional soulmate relationship clears the way for the two of you to rebuild a new healthy relationship with one another. It also can signify the completion of your soulmate contract.


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Originally posted on 07/28/2015 @ 6:00 pm