Telepathic Soulmate Dreams – Communicating on the Astral Plane

Telepathic soulmate dreams don’t have to occur after soulmates meet on earth. People have telepathic soulmate dreams long before meeting their soulmate for the first time.

When some soulmates meet for the first time, they often discover they’ve been having many of the same dreams through the course of their lives.

Some people don’t understand why they’re having these dreams. Many of them don’t even understand the soulmate concept. So how can they believe in them? For others, these dreams are the beginning of their soulmate journey.

Telepathic Soulmate Dreams Serve a Purpose

Telepathic soulmate dreams don’t just happen for no reason. For each couple, because they’re unique, the reason differs. And they don’t have these dreams just to have frivolous discussions.

Telepathic Soulmate Dreams
Telepathic Soulmate Dreams

Their souls know the purpose for meeting on the astral plane. And sometimes they need to telepathically communicate with one another prior to meeting. So their souls find each other in their dream state.

They have a mission to accomplish. So they need to make sure they map out their spiritual goals. Sometimes things are not being discussed in the physical dimension so they have to be revealed on the astral plane. So these dreams occur for a higher purpose. Sometimes this is the spiritual awakening for one or both soulmates. And although they may resist this knowledge on earth, they never do on the astral plane.

Dreaming During The Soulmate Relationship

A telepathic soulmate dream commonly occurs once after the soulmate reunion on Earth. Soulmates will often have these dreams when they’re apart, for whatever reason.¬†They may have to relocate for a little while, for work. Or perhaps a family issue doesn’t allow them to be together.

The bond between soulmates is strong. And although they’re apart geographically, they reunite in their dreams. These dreams are commonly, but not always, remembered between both soulmates the next day. One may start off their next conversation with “I had a dream about you last night”, and the other one will say “I had a dream about YOU last night too”. When they talk about their dreams with one another, they realize they had the exact same dream.

Many clients ask us if when they dream of their soulmate, is their soulmate dreaming of them? The answer is, of course they are!

The connection between soulmates goes both ways. So if you’re dreaming about them, they’re dreaming about you. Period.

But not all soulmates will remember their dreams, or admit that they do, so keep that in mind. The further along you are on your spiritual journey the easier it will be for you to remember them.

If your soulmate truly doesn’t remember these dreams, it could simply be that you’re further along on your spiritual journey than they are. As they progress on their spiritual journey, they too will remember the dreams you share as often as you do.

Have you shared telepathic dreams with your soulmate? What were they like? Please share your experiences with our readers in our comments section.

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