Soulmate Telepathy: Sharing Thoughts with Your Soulmate

Soulmate telepathy is very common between spiritual partners. But not every soulmate couple will have the same frequency or intricacy in their messages. As with everything else involving soulmates, there are some generalities for all couples. But the union, relationship and connection are unique for each soulmate couple.


Some soulmates may not have many occurrences with telepathy as a part of their relationship. And others may see it almost daily. Soulmates often find themselves saying the same thing at the same time. And that’s because they’re thinking the same thing at the same time. Usually it’s one partner who has the thought first, while their soulmate immediately picks up the telepathic message.

Soulmate Telepathy: Sharing Thoughts with Your Soulmate
Soulmate Telepathy

Many of our clients experience this right after meeting their soulmate for the first time. In endless talks, that last for hours, they often find themselves sharing the same words verbatim and their partner. They also reach for the remote control at the same time. And they call and text each other at the same time. They may suddenly think of a song they love only to have their soulmate start humming that song within moments. There are so many ways soulmate telepathy works. And it gives their relationships another depth level of communication and understanding.


Thoughts communicated via telepathy can often happen in dreams too. One soulmate wakes up and decides to share a really weird dream. And their soulmate looks on in shock, because they had the same dream. In many cases the soulmates are both in the dreams as well. They also find that while they have a hard time remembering most dreams, they seem to remember in great detail their shared dreams.

Sometimes what is shared via telepathy is not always specific, but a bit general. Rather than hearing word for word the fight their soulmate had with their boss, they just know there’s a problem with the boss. These messages can help soulmates be supportive, sympathetic or whatever their soulmate needs them to be without saying a word.

Soulmate telepathy can help the couple stay in tune with their partner in a way that helps resolve conflict. They can reach the same conclusion as to how to resolve conflict, and avoid conflict in the first place, by knowing the right time and place to have a discussion about it. Just like empathic connections, telepathic connections are another special gift that comes with the special connection between two souls.

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