Soulmate Status – Keeping Your Soulmate Relationship on Track

Soulmate status can often get stuck. Like every relationship, one between soulmates must also evolve and grow.  Or they get stagnant and will not move forward. Just being soulmates doesn’t insure you will instantly have a picture perfect relationship. And skip off into the sunshine together and live happily ever after.

Usually a relationship status would be something like single, married, living together, separated, domestic partnership or divorced. Soulmates will have this same status of course. But they also have unique statuses that you usually find only in a soulmate relationship.


Soulmate Status
Soulmate Status

For instance, invariably there comes a time where a soulmate denies the connection. This is the status of soulmate denial. There is also a time in a soulmate journey were the emotions feel too intense for them. Times like this can lead to the status of soulmate separation. During each of those status levels the couple must work first on themselves.

First, they must both accept the spiritual connection before they can reach another level. Only when they surrender themselves to the mutual connection can they really get a handle on how to deal with it. Then they can continue the work they must do on themselves. And that’s to get rid of whatever issues they’re having with the depth of their emotions.


If they can do this successfully they will then reach soulmate reunion. Here they must ensure they don’t go backwards in their status. But keep moving forward. Soulmate relationships are often considered the most challenging relationships there are.

Some people use the label twin flames for these tumultuous relationships. And  they believe they go through the same obstacles and issues we refer to above. Whatever label you want to use is up to you. But we believe twin flames are the final status. Once soulmates can achieve true harmony, and put all their lessons behind them, they reach the new status of twin flames.

Some soulmates are lucky and moving through each status is a breeze. Most soulmates find each status a nightmare to get through. They may wind up in an on/off relationship and remain stuck in that status for a while. And this really creates a lot of trust issues and dysfunctional relationship dynamics. Many soulmates find it so difficult they often wish they never started this soulmate journey in the first place. The one thing we always remind them is every single soulmate relationship has the chance to achieve the ultimate status. So before you give up, try changing your tactics and give it another shot at success.

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