My Soulmate is not Ready for a Relationship! Now What?

My soulmate is not ready for a relationship. So now what do I do? This is a common question our blog readers and client ask us all the time.


Many people have the desire to meet a soulmate. And when they finally do, they’re more than ready to give the relationship a chance. They hope for, dream about and wish for a soul partner to come into their life. And now they are, they’re anxious and excited to start their journey together. The problem is their soulmate isn’t on the same page.

Perhaps they’re unfamiliar with the soulmate concept. So of course they never expect to encounter one. But now they have and they’re spooked out of their mind. To you this is an exciting new adventure and a dream come true. But it can be a nightmare to them if they lose control of their thoughts and emotions.

They’re simply not ready, willing and able to cope with your connection. A soulmate may deny the connection at first. Or further down the road. They may become a soulmate runner either right from the first encounter or later on, when they become overwhelmed by the connection. Your soulmate may refuse to let go of their current relationship even though they’ve told you how unhappy and dissatisfied they are with it. They could even leave a soulmate relationship to return to a toxic relationship with their ex. Which is something they swore up and down they would never do.

My Soulmate is not Ready for a Relationship! Now What?
My Soulmate is not Ready for a Relationship! 
All of these scenarios are heartbreaking.

But fairly common. When a soulmate isn’t ready to fully engage in a relationship, it creates the early dynamics of a toxic relationship. For instance, if one soulmate is not ready for the relationship, they may start to disappear for brief periods of time. And then come back either pretending nothing happened or with a bogus apology promising never to do it again. If the soulmate left behind lets them off the hook too easily, they will repeat that bad behavior.

Each time this happens, where one soulmate leaves and the other takes them back with little or no consequences, a pattern of dysfunctional behavior is created. This will be very difficult to break down the road. So although the soulmate was not ready for a healthy relationship, they were willing to engage in a toxic one.

It’s a hard position to be in when your soulmate is not ready for a real spiritual, healthy relationship. And you’ll have to overcome the urge to allow them to manipulate you in to creating an unhealthy relationship together. The common mistake in situations like this is thinking any relationship with a soulmate is better than nothing. That it’s better to have your soulmate in your life in any capacity, rather than
not at all.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In almost all cases, this only makes the situation worse. And it does nothing to get the reluctant soulmate to step up to the plate. All it does is enable bad behavior and create a highly toxic dynamic between the two. If your soulmate is not ready for a relationship, the best thing you can do is give them the time and space without you. So they can get their act together.

No one will miss you unless you’re not around. No one will change how they treat you until you create and enforce boundaries. No one creates change if their current situation is working for them. It may be the hardest lesson you’ll have to learn. But you need to learn you can’t do their work for them. You can’t fix them, you can’t convince them, you can’t learn their lessons for them and you can’t do it by yourself. A soulmate relationship takes two.

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