Jealousy in Soulmate Relationships

Jealousy in soulmate relationships can be a real problem for many couples. Just because you’re in a spiritual relationship, doesn’t guarantee it will be drama free. Soulmate relationships are different than twin flame relationships. Contrary to popular belief, twin flames evolve to the point where petty things, such as jealousy, are not part of their relationship. Soulmates, on the other hand, have lessons still to be learned. So jealousy is often a part of a soulmate relationship.


Jealousy is something that must be addressed, and not accepted. It is not to be enabled. Jealousy stems from insecurity. If you or your soulmate is having a problem with feelings of jealousy, understand once and for all, it’s your problem to fix. And not someone else’s. Unless of course, your soulmate is purposely trying to make you jealous. And we’ll get to that later in this article.

You need to look at your own insecurity, as part of your lesson to learn, to help you grow and shed this trivial emotion. It could be your insecurity stems from a past relationship or with your family.  Or is it just something you’ve had an issue with for as long as you can remember?

Regardless of why your insecurity causes you to become jealous, you need to change your reaction to that feeling when it comes on. Don’t act or react to it when triggered. Try and let the feeling pass.  And in doing so you can avoid the drama and problems that will certainly come with your jealousy.


Jealousy in Soulmate Relationships
Jealousy in Soulmate Relationships

Jealousy is not flattering. It can make someone feel accused of something they’re not doing. And no one appreciates that. Your jealousy comes from fear. Either a fear of losing your soulmate or them not loving you anymore. When you keep driving your soulmate crazy, and making them angry with your jealous antics, eventually you can lose them. And they won’t feel the same way about you. So why behave in a way that will make your greatest fear manifest?

You can’t keep your soulmate from talking to, or working, with members of the opposite sex. That’s not the problem. The problem is how YOU feel and how YOU react when they do. That’s your responsibility. And it’s up to you to get your act together and get on a spiritual path. You need to work from a place of faith. Yes, you have met the love of your life. But no, that doesn’t give you permission to behave like a jealous, insecure person.


Now, if your soulmate is purposely doing things to make you jealous, that’s another thing. It doesn’t mean you should fall into their trap. They’re doing it for a reason. And that’s their issue to fix. Talk to them about it. And if they keep doing it, step away from the situation. Show them there’s a consequence to doing that to you.

They want you to feel jealous, for whatever reason. So if all you do is act jealous, they win. And when they manipulate you to react with jealousy, they get an ego boost. They also will attempt to turn it all around and make you the bad guy. Don’t fall for it. Don’t allow your fear of losing them keep you from setting proper relationship boundaries. And make sure to enforce them with words and consequences to their actions.

Jealousy shouldn’t be part of a spiritual relationship. Sure, we are all human and can get jealous here and there. And that’s fine. But if you’re part of a soulmate love triangle, or any other situation where you find yourself being jealous all the time because of your soulmate, it’s time to make a change.

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