Doing Your Part in Your Soulmate Relationship

Are you doing your part in your soulmate relationship? Each of you must do your part in a soulmate relationship in order for it to work. It can’t be just one doing everything. This will make on the giver and the other the taker. No one can keep a relationship together all by themselves.


If your relationship is important to you, don’t wait until it is too late. For some reason, control seems to be an issue with soulmates. And it’s frustrating when your soulmate is not learning their lessons and creating problems in the relationship. But, you can’t learn their lessons for them. And you also can’t enable them or get in the way of learning their lessons.

You can try, but all you’re going to do it contribute to your soulmate relationship going quickly downhill. Make sure your doing your part. But let your soulmate do theirs, regardless of how tough it seems to do that. A soulmate relationship is built and strengthened by two people doing their part. It weakens when one soulmate does it all. And the relationship goes out of balance.

Doing Your Part in Your Soulmate Relationship
Doing Your Part in Your Soulmate Relationship


So what exactly is your part in a spiritual partnership? Since each couple’s soulmate path and lessons are unique, the answer varies. Stop focusing on how your soulmate needs to grow or what they need to learn. Look at yourself. And get to work on what you need to personally and spiritually evolve.

Above all there should be a sense of equality and balance in the relationship, even in the sense of trade-offs. One of you may be the financial provider, while the other maintains the home and children, attends school, or is starting a business of their own. Each of you should respect the other’s part in the soulmate relationship. Each of you have a right to expect your partner to value what you do.

You don’t have to be joined at the hip. And you don’t have to enjoy each other’s hobbies and interests. You can do your part to support them by letting them do what they enjoy. You can support them pursuing their individual goals. Each person can find their part in the soulmate relationship to make the relationship run smoothly.


What each member of a spiritual connection must do is respect one another and the relationship. They must also respect themselves. Having a soulmate does not give you an excuse to disrespect them, yourself, or the spiritual bond. The standards should be higher, not lower. It’s not your job, or your soulmate’s, to clean up all the messes and be the bigger person all the time. This is what creates a dysfunctional relationship, and one that is not following a spiritual path.

It’s up to both soulmates to keep the relationship on a spiritual track. If they veer off track, let them go alone. Don’t follow them down the wrong path thinking you can drag them back. That doesn’t work. And all it does it get you both even further from your course. Sometimes you may have to stand your ground, use tough love, and enforce reasonable boundaries. The universe created the connection between the two of you. But both soulmates play a part in what kind of relationship they create.

Each member of the soulmate couple has to put up with each other’s idiosyncrasies because no one is perfect. However, it’s not your part in a relationship to put up with it when they go overboard. Each soulmate plays a role in the dynamics of the relationship. And it’s not up to one person to be the one who always makes peace. It’s not always one person’s job to apologize regardless of who is wrong. You have been given a gift and both of you should honor that gift by treating it with value.

Soulmate relationships are tough at times, but if you do your part, chances are the relationship you create down the line will be worth the effort you put in.

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