Being the Bigger Person in a Soulmate Relationship

Are you always being the bigger person in your soulmate relationship? If so, this indicates you’re the only adult in your relationship. If you’re always trying to keep the peace, you can actually enable childish behavior to exist in your relationship. A healthy adult relationship requires TWO adults, not just one.


When childish behavior causes your soulmate relationship to deteriorate, you may resort to childish behavior as well. This is the wrong thing to do. And it will make the relationship dynamics go downhill. It’s bad enough, in an adult relationship, when one person acts like a child. But when both parties act immaturely, drama and chaos take over.

When problems aren’t handled properly, it damages the foundation of the relationship. Rather than finding solutions to problems, childish behavior only creates more problems. An adult can be reasonable and can be reasoned with. But a child throws temper tantrums when they don’t get their way. How can a soulmate relationship flourish if both parties refuse to act and behave like adults? Simply put, it can’t.

Being the Bigger Person in a Soulmate Relationship
Being the Bigger Person in a Soulmate Relationship


You may think you’re doing the right thing when you are forced to deal with a soulmate’s childish ways. Instead, you enable the childish behavior to continue. And you allow bad habits to form. When someone learns they can get what they want, even through negative means, they’ve learned the lesson. They continue to do what works for them.

And the more it works, the more they will resort to childish behavior whenever conflict arises. The longer any habit continues, the more time it will take to break that habit down the line. And habits are harder to break the longer they’ve been part of the relationship. So why would a grown adult choose to behave like a child? It’s the same reason a child acts out! Because it gets them what they want. If you don’t give them what they want, only then will they consider changing their ways because they have learned their lesson.

Does your soulmate relationship feel like you’re the parent and they are the child? Or are both of you are acting like you belong in grade school? If so, it’s is time to grow up. It’s time to break these bad habits once and for all. We’re not always perfect. And once in a while we may act immature. But as long as it’s rare, it doesn’t cause any major damage to the relationship.

But when it’s constant and continual, it’s time to create positive change. If one or both of you doesn’t grow up, your relationship won’t grow either. If you are having problems in a relationship because of childish behavior, it’s time to make a change. Call out the childish behavior and find another way of reacting and responding to it. It’s time to break the bad habits and create positive changes.

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2 thoughts on “Being the Bigger Person in a Soulmate Relationship”

  1. This! This is what I’m dealing with. After 8 years of what can you say? True comfort and easiness of our bond. The last year has been sooo bad,he can’t handle anything from discussing our finances to simple hey want to go do this?

    Non stop pain,running to his friends house (his friend cheats,drugs,alcoholism etc)

    All of a sudden for the past 11 months he has flipped out over everything..even reacting in anger over something he thought I was going to say.. he has left at least 11 times. Keeps coming back doesn’t even apologize anymore. We have a lot going on … He also is severely ADHD with all three types.

    The love and the rage are about the same in intensity… I am the only adult in this relationship.. he was also my first crush We met on 5th grade.

    This time I’m taking my space .. the heartbreak leaves me a mess for 3-5 days. If he can stay gone, I can work on moving forward. I know I will never be with anyone and experience this type of comfort and calm etc Every article rings true . My spiritual development and his behaviors and emotions and guilt with his past for all things hold him back

    I’m glad I found this❤️


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