Moving On When Your Ex is a Soulmate

Moving on when your ex is a soulmate can be difficult, especially if you’re still stuck on them. Are you trying as hard as you can to get over your soulmate but it isn’t working? Do you wish you could move forward and focus on yourself but are having no luck? Do you wonder what your ex soulmate is doing, and if they’re having a great time, while you’re miserable?


Your ex soulmate has moved on, but you feel the same about them as when you were together. And it’s heartbreaking. You find yourself so stuck in a rut that dating someone else feels pointless. Thoughts of your soulmate keep haunting you on a daily basis and its’ driving you crazy. It really sucks when you’re stuck and just can’t seem to take even one step forward. So how can you get to the moving on part?

It’s ok to still have feelings for an ex soulmate because you still feel your connection. And it’s ok to have a little hope in your heart that you two may reunite. But it’s not ok is to put your life on hold while your ex lives theirs. Being stuck on an ex soulmate is self-destructive. You need to seek closure through acceptance. Closure is not an easy thing to get, It doesn’t come fast and it doesn’t come without pain. And it also doesn’t just come with time, it comes with effort.


You must accept that for now your soulmate is gone. They may have ended the relationship, and in doing so, took all power away from you. And you can’t change their decision. No matter how much you want to. Driving by their house, trying to force a conversation with them or stalking them on social media isn’t going to change anything. All it’s going to do it keep you wallowing in pain and agony.

The passage of time doesn’t give you closure, it’s what you do with that time. If you keep allowing yourself to dwell on the good times, or wonder what they’re doing all the time, you’ll get nowhere. You can’t control when thoughts of your ex soulmate pop into your head. But you can control what you do with those thoughts. When they appear, instead of grabbing that thought and making it an hour-long internal movie, do something else. You don’t need to relive the past. You already lived it once. And once was enough.

Moving On When Your Ex is a Soulmate
Moving On When Your Ex is a Soulmate


In many, many cases soulmates have to separate. The lessons and growth required from both of them cannot happen when they’re in union. When together, many times they’re off their spiritual path and engaging in a dysfunctional relationship. And neither of them are learning or growing. Because of this, they need a time out from one another, to learn and grow alone. Then, at a later date, these couples reunite when they’re more able to sustain a soulmate union.

And this could be you and your soulmate. So instead of learning your lessons and growing, are you just wallowing in misery? This is certainly not going to bring your soulmate back any faster. Without learning and growing, even if they do return to you, they’ll just leave again. So use your time wisely. And take the time and energy you need to get yourself back on your spiritual path and learn from past mistakes. Do everything you can to stop your thoughts from wondering what your soulmate ex is up to.


Taking daily long strolls down memory lane isn’t going to help either. You have to train yourself to push them out of your mind as quickly as they enter. Put on your favorite music and blare it if you have to. Just don’t put on anything that reminds you of them. Call a friend to listen to them talk and don’t let your mind wander. Don’t let the people you know talk about your soulmate ex. That will just keep you stuck. Don’t ask people about your ex either. Drop the subject entirely.

Ask people to stop pushing you to date and find someone new right now. You clearly are not ready. If your ex soulmate is on your social media accounts, delete them. Who cares if it hurts their feelings. Worry about your state of well-being. Don’t check their social media accounts, that will always keep you from moving on. You don’t need to see their life, you need to work on your own.

In order to get to a point where you are moving on with your life, you have to learn to let go. You have to let go of the dwelling, remembering, daydreaming, spying and worrying. And just accept that they’re not with you anymore. They are not a part of your life right now. But that doesn’t mean they never will again. You have to live in the here and now. Doing so will make you a better version of yourself and ready to begin a better relationship should they return.

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