Soulmate Anxiety: Do You Suffer From Soulmate Anxiety?

Soulmate anxiety is very common in soulmate relationships. But many people believe soulmate relationships are supposed to be perfect and problem free. Soulmate relationships are not the easy drama free relationships so many people think they are. A soul connection can bring forth major anxiety for numerous reasons. The greater the connection, the greater the fears the connection can bring.


It’s said your mind can play tricks on you. That is nothing compared to how soulmate anxiety can infiltrate your day-to-day life. Emotions run very high for soulmates, and those extreme emotions are not only shiny, happy emotions. You will experience extreme joy when it comes to your connection. But you can just as easily feel extreme depression.

Many people have issues with a soulmate believing their connection is real. But these same people doubt the connection themselves. How can you expect your soulmate to believe in the strength of your connection if you suffer anxiety because of your soulmate’s disbelief? You can’t have it both ways. If you want your soulmate to believe in your powerful connection, then so should you. You want your soulmate to believe that nothing can tear apart your union. So how can you worry your soulmate will forget you or break the connection?


Why is it that when one suffers soulmate anxiety the other does as well? The answer is easy. When faced with something new fear can easily spring into action. Those fears grow with thoughts of loss or thoughts you’re losing your mind. When believe only you have these feelings or thoughts you are out of control. With feelings like that, comes massive anxiety as well. People in soulmate relationships have so many questions spinning through their minds that cause anxiety.

Questions that Create Soulmate Anxiety

Soulmate Anxiety: Do You Suffer From Soulmate Anxiety?
Soulmate Anxiety
  1. Does my soulmate feel the connection?
  2. Am I kidding myself and it’s all in my head?
  3. Do I feel more for my soulmate than they do for me?
  4. If my soulmate leaves me will I be able to survive that pain?
  5. If my soulmate never comes back will I be alone for the rest of my life?
  6. What if my soulmate never acknowledges or accepts our connection?
  7. Will by soulmate become single so we can have a real relationship?
  8. My soulmate does or says terrible things, does this mean we’re not soulmates?
  9. Can soulmate break our connection?
  10. What if my soulmate never learns their lessons or gives us a chance to be together?

Questions like these can make anyone feel anxious. And this lead to soulmate obsession. The more you give in to thoughts like this, the more anxiety and stress you put upon yourself. If you want your soulmate to be strong and have faith, you have to as well. Think about it like this: The universe created your connection for a reason. They create such a strong bond that even though you may want to break it, you can’t do it. Instead of focusing on the pain, try pulling from a place of strength and acceptance.

Stop looking at what your soulmate is doing or needs to do.. And look at yourself. What are these hurdles you two are facing say about you? What is your role in this? Can you do things differently? Is there anything this connection brought out in you that you don’t like about yourself?

Taking a hard look at yourself and making the right changes is what soulmate relationships are all about. Forget about the romantic aspect for right now, especially if your relationship isn’t romantic at the present time. Look at the life lessons this relationship is supposed to teach you and learn more about yourself. Soulmate anxiety has no purpose, so why focus on it? Focus instead on the wealth of self-knowledge it is bringing to you.

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Originally posted on 06/19/2017 @ 7:51 pm