Major Arcana Cards in Soulmate Tarot Readings

Many of the Major Arcana tarot cards are likely to be present in a Soulmate Tarot Reading. The Major Arcana tarot cards are numbered 0 through 21. If you look at the cards closely, you will see some of them picture a male and female together. Other cards find them alone with other universally accepted esoteric symbols.


These esoteric symbols represent all of us as we travel our journey through life. Every choice we make at every crossroads, every positive and negative experience. They’re symbolic as we begin and end our lives. We all begin life as The Fool. He is the new initiate embarking upon a journey that begins at birth. It culminates with enlightenment, represented by The World card. This represents the end of our journey. Each of us are unique. And not everyone gets each and every lesson of the Major Arcana in a lifetime. These lessons may also present themselves out of order. The mission of the soul is to complete these lessons on the spiritual path to the soul’s ultimate growth.


Every tarot card has it’s own name and number. And a picture will symbolize the meaning of the card. Each card, depending on the deck has numerology, astrology and other esoteric symbols in the artwork. There are different meanings to each card because they change based on the questions asked. And the meaning also changes based on the surrounding tarot cards and even the spread used and by the tarot reader.

Major Arcana Cards in Soulmate Tarot Readings
Major Arcana Cards 

The best way to learn how to use the tarot for readings is to take your time learning and focusing on each card, one at a time. What do you feel the card is telling you? What does the card make you think of and remind you of? And and how does it make you feel? Each tarot reader finds their own unique messages within the cards. Take the time to let the tarot bring you the messages you need. Meditate and focus on each card for as long as you feel necessary. And don’t rush it. Focusing on each and every card is a better way to learn them. While each tarot reader may know the technical meaning of the card, many will utilize a different interpretation that resonates with them.


Use each card, one at time time, as a meditation medium to learn them. Pick one of the Major Arcana cards each day for 22 days. And pick them in any order you want, whatever works for you. Choose one card each day and really examine it. Block out everything else but the card itself, turning it around so you can look at it different perspectives. After some time you may ver well see something new that you hadn’t noticed before. This process helps you personalize each card. And this allows the universe to send specific information to you in a way that you will understand easily. There’s no set time limit or minimum as to how long you do this, that’s up to you. Many readers do this each time they get a new deck.


When Major Arcana tarot cards appear in your soulmate tarot reading, there’s a strong indication the relationship you’re asking about is karmic in nature. Karmic relationships always bring with them life lessons. And there are no short cuts or cheat sheets to learning your lessons. So asking a reader “What lessons do I need to learn” is not a great question to ask. To find the answers, and to learn your lesson, you have to go through a process. Lessons are learned through life experience. And your tarot reader should be able to help point you in the right direction. But the rest is up to you.

Most of us think we have relationships for just love and romance. But we really have them because they provide the vehicle to evolve and grow our souls on an individual basis. Some growth can only be achieved through love. In using the insight and wisdom of the tarot, one can get guidance to discern the path to take. And this is so we can learn these lessons more swiftly and easily.

A soulmate tarot reading will provide steps you can take to create changes to yourself and your relationship. This will help your spiritual union meet your expectations and provide the love you deserve. But please don’t attempt to read your own cards or your soulmate’s. When you’re emotionally invested in the outcome of the reading, you can influence the reading. And then you can’t count on the accuracy of the reading.

Some of the Major Arcana cards that reveal answers to love and relationship questions, through a soulmate tarot reading are:

The Empress
The Emperor
The Hierophant
The Lovers
The Star
The Sun
The World

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