Does Your Soulmate Realize They Need You?

Does your soulmate realize they need you? Sometimes it seem you need your soulmate but they don’t need you. Even your soulmate realizes how much you need them. But they act as though they don’t need you at all. So what is the truth? Will they ever realize it? Or don’t they need you in their life the way you need them?


Does Your Soulmate Realize They Need You?
Does Your Soulmate Realize They Need You?

When it comes to soulmates, and it’s usually all an act. They know they need you, they just don’t want you to know it. They feel incredibly vulnerable with this very strong connection and how much it makes them feel. It makes them very uncomfortable, because it is something they haven’t felt before. They don’t know how to handle it. They worry that if they show their soulmate how much they need them they could be taken advantage of and it used against them. No one wants to get hurt. And in soulmate relationships, that fear is often enormous.

Always remember your soulmate is aware of their feelings. Everyone knows what they feel, although they may not realize how much. In many cases, we don’t know just how much until that person is no longer in our lives. But we did know we had feelings for them before they left our lives. We may not have let them know how we felt and how much we need them, but we knew to some degree.

Soulmates take a break, or end the soulmate relationship, because they’re trying hard to prove to themselves or you that they don’t need you. But they do. And that break or breakup, most often makes them face those feelings and realize just how much they need their soulmate. So they return.


Some people are welcome to the idea of needing someone. In many cases, however, the idea of needing someone is frightening. If your soulmate has been hurt before, or abandoned, they may resist having to need anyone. They believe if they never need anyone, when the relationship ends, it will not hurt so badly. So when these types of people meet a soulmate, they resist the connection. Because they are now facing their worst fear.  In some cases they may entirely reject the connection.

They may have been left by a parent, family member or a past romantic partner. They remember that pain, and are scared to death they may have to feel that kind of pain again. So, for a while, they will deny they need you, and perhaps even deny the connection altogether. They realize they need you, but they don’t want to need you. Make sense?

That is why, in so many soulmate relationships, time apart is not the end of the world. We understand how you would think that being in their presence would make them aware of how much they need you. Quite often though, it is being without you that makes them realize just how much they need you. When they come back and are ready to deal with it, and stop denying it to themselves and to their soulmate, the relationship can truly evolve and grow.


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