Dysfunctional Soulmates Have Dysfunctional Relationships

Dysfunctional soulmates have dysfunctional relationships. Soulmates are often portrayed as falling instantly in love and living happily ever after.  In reality, soulmate relationships can often become dysfunctional relationships. Due to the intensity of emotion and chemistry logic and fair play can fly out the window. When emotions run high, they can often spiral out of control. This is when dysfunctional behaviors and patterns emerge. So how can you keep your soul mate relationship from becoming dysfunctional?

dysfunctional relationship for soulmates
Dysfunctional Soulmates Have Dysfunctional Relationships

First and foremost you must try to keep your emotions regarding your soulmate in check. These emotions will be intensely positive when things are going well. But can easily turn intensely negative when things turn bad between the two of you.


For example, after meeting your soulmate and being blissfully happy for several months, your soulmate pulls a disappearing act . And they totally retreat away from the relationship and from you. They won’t return phone calls, emails, texts or social media pings. They go completely silent. It’s understandable that you will be anxious and upset. But this is dysfunctional soulmate behavior.

When a soulmate withdraws, the other soulmate has to prevent themselves from going nuts. Your soulmate’s return is the crucial point. Forgiving them and allowing  them back into your life too easily because you fear losing them again, creates a dysfunctional pattern. This can lead to your soulmate randomly disappearing over and over again. Because you allow their dysfunctional behavior without real consequences, they will do it over and over again.


By doing that, your fears regarding your soulmate will grow exponentially. Your fear of losing them permanently makes you more lenient.  So you can expect more dysfunctional behavior. Your soulmate has ZERO fear of losing you. You’ve shown them they can get away with dysfunctional behavior. And you’re willing to take them back every time. Now your soulmate relationship is a dysfunctional mess. And they’re not afraid of losing you!

If you have found yourself in a dysfunctional soulmate relationship, look back at your soulmate’s behavior. Now look at how you handled it. The time has come to change the way you handle your soulmate or your dysfunctional relationship will only continue to get worse. Soulmate relationships are supposed to teach lessons. If you’re not willing to assist your soul mate in learning those lessons, the relationship may be doomed. Not all soulmate relationships stand the test of time. And they’re not all meant to last.

Why? Because the connection often brings out the worst in soulmates. This is where many dysfunctional soulmate relationship reach the end of the line. Both parties need to embrace and accept the gifts their soulmate brings. And not abuse, take advantage or take it for granted. The universe brings soulmates together. But they leave it up to you to make it work. When you see dysfunctional behavior begin  in your soulmate relationship, nip it in the bud. Or it will ruin this special soulmate connection.

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Originally posted on 04/11/2015 @ 11:10 am