Soulmate Karma in Soulmate Relationships

Soulmate karma will be a component of every soulmate relationship. This isn’t just relevant to romantic soulmate unions but also soulmate relationships with friends, family and others in our lives.


Buddhism and Hinduism tell us a person’s actions in any given lifetime determines the quality of their next life. In other words, their actions determines if good or bad things happen to them in the next incarnation. For instance, if you’re a really negative person wielding your will, anger and disruptive energy on others, it’s possible you could reincarnate as a slug in the next life. And if you’re a super happy, loving person, who shares positive energy with others, you will receive awards and recognition for your contributions to society.

Soulmate Karma in Soulmate Relationships
Soulmate Karma in Soulmate Relationships

But the intention of karma is completely different in karmic relationships. Soulmate karma will reveal itself fairly quickly in any soulmate union. As we mention in other articles, soulmates don’t make things easy for us. And we don’t make things easy for them either. Soulmate relationships are one of the most difficult relationships to experience. If they’re easy, there’s not really a point. We’re not saying all soulmate relationships are difficult, but the vast majority are. And that’s because they teach us hard lessons to change our way of living, reacting and experiencing the world.n]


As you’re all aware by now, there’s nothing like the early stages of a soulmate relationship. It’s truly the best thing in the world. Everything is over the top harmonious as you experience a spiritual union and deep connection with another soul. But then, after several weeks or months, everything changes. The bottom falls out of your relationship and your heart. Yes, you have reached the soulmate crisis point. You agonize, you cry and you may hit the depths of despair. Everything was so perfect, why did this have to happen?

I didn’t just love him…I needed him…He was a catalyst for my soul. I didn’t need him in order to exist…I needed him in order to be a better me.”Angela N. Blount, Once Upon an Ever After

Well, it’s time to deal with your karmic lessons. Soulmate karma can create dysfunction in your relationship unless you both resolve it. In your soulmate contract you agree learn important spiritual lessons. And that time is upon you now. The thing to remember though is this is what you and your soulmate agree to in your shared blueprint. This is your assignment from the Universe to help each other evolve and grow as spiritual beings. And once you’re through it, you’re able to embrace a life as better versions of yourselves.

A true soulmate is a mirror, the person who shows you everything that is holding you back, the person who bring you to your own attention so you can change your life. ~Elizabeth Gilbert

Soulmates serve as a mirror to one another. This mirror reveals behaviors, attitudes and ways of thinking that need adjusting. Perhaps you’ve dealt with abandonment in past relationships, either in this lifetime or past ones. Your soulmate karma allows you to work on this issue and heal it for good. But it probably won’t be a fun experience. It will probably require your soulmate leaving you and your relationship for a period of time. Or it could be for good. But you’re being shown it’s time to heal this part of your psyche once and for all.

You can use soulmate karma as a catalyst for change. Or you can abandon it and save it for the next life. The choice is yours and yours alone. This is why the Universe gives us all free will, so we can accept or reject what presents itself in our lives. The choices we make and actions we take define our karma for future lifetimes.


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