Internet Soulmates – Maintaining the Soulmate Connection

Internet soulmates are soulmates who have connected or stay connected via the internet. Many people meet their soulmates on the internet. It could be through social media, support groups, or any number of ways. They have never met, sometimes never seen a photo of each other, but right away they felt a certain “click’. A strong bond was formed between them almost instantly.


Some clients have written to us about their “soul sister” who they met on online. They often feel closer to them than they do to their blood sister. Even through the written word, such as an email, you can still feel that instant connection, similarly to meeting in person. There is an instant ease in communication.

Internet Soulmates
Internet Soulmates

Many soulmates have found themselves opening up to this “stranger” very quickly, and just “knew” they would understand. They know it is a little weird to outsiders, but this internet soulmate has quickly become a very important person to them. They easily become a part of your life. Communication is constant, deep and usually almost daily. You wind up looking forward to hearing from your internet soulmate and when something happens you can’t wait to share it with them. Internet soulmates friendships can last as long or longer than local, in-person friendships. When they finally meet, it may be a tiny bit awkward, and reasonably so. But very soon they feel as though they have known this person forever.


Other soulmates have actually met a romantic soulmate online. These relationships can be more challenging because the element of romance is part of it. It is hard to learn your lessons when your soulmate is so far away. It is harder for many to trust their soulmate union because they cannot see one another very often.

You don’t get jealous if your internet “soul sister” is hanging out with their other friends. But you may if your romantic internet soulmate is hanging out with a member of the opposite sex. Both soulmates can help you learn your lessons and create change. When the element of romance is a part of that long distance relationship it creates other challenges. Like all soulmates, all internet soulmates can overcome any obstacles in their way. They can support and guide each other to better versions of themselves so long as they both put in the effort.

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