Synchronicity and Soulmate Connections

Synchronicity and Soulmate Connections

A synchronicity occurs when one of life’s little meaningful coincidences are placed in your path. A synchronicity is created when people, places or events are brought together.  It can highlight something going on in your life where you may need assistance. When we are aware enough to see them, we see our lives are filled … Read more

Soulmates and Soulmate Relationships

Soulmates and Soulmate Relationships

We get a lot of questions about soulmate relationships, soulmate connections and soulmates in general. It seems to be one of the relationship buzzwords of New Age spirituality, but where exactly did it originate? THE ORIGINS OF SOULMATES In Plato’s Symposium, he presents a tale of humans who originally had four arms, four legs, two … Read more

Where is My Soulmate?

Where is My Soulmate

Where is my soulmate is a question everyone seems to be asking. So many little girls read fairy tales And they watch all the Disney movies. Cinderella, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty fill their heads with fantasies about being a princess. And they would fall asleep dreaming  “Someday My Prince Will Come”. They dream some … Read more

Internet Soulmates – Maintaining the Soulmate Connection

Internet Soulmates

Internet soulmates are soulmates who have connected or stay connected via the internet. Many people meet their soulmates on the internet. It could be through social media, support groups, or any number of ways. They have never met, sometimes never seen a photo of each other, but right away they felt a certain “click’. A … Read more

Soulmate Love is a Special Love

Soulmate Love

Soulmate love is a special love that cannot truly be understood until you experience it for yourself. You may be the type of person who has never really allowed yourself to become vulnerable to someone else nor feel really deeply connected to someone that isn’t family. That does not mean you will never be able … Read more