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Top 10 Relationship Issues for Soulmates

Contrary to popular belief, soulmates face a lot of relationship issues. In the real world, the Universe, or fate, does not step in to ensure a couple will stay together. That only happens in chick-flicks. Soulmates are not in our lives for a perfect romantic relationship. Soulmates are in our lives to provide personal growth and life lessons. Many people, who are involved with soulmates, are often surprised by the number of issues, problems and obstacles they encounter with their relationship. Based on our experience, we have compiled a list of issues soulmates need to be aware of when in a soulmate relationship.



1. Bad timing. Many soulmates have to deal with bad timing. If one or both partners are involved in other relationships when they meet, a bad timing issue is present. Another could be that the soul mates meet but one has to move across the country for work or family crisis. The time apart can be very challenging for one or both soulmates, and is a time that lessons emerge. We have to remember that we designed it before we were born, for a reason. That reason is the life lessons that come with the challenge.


2. Bad behavior. Soulmates are not always on their best behavior. As a matter of fact, it is usually quite opposite. For example, one or both soulmates could have an addiction to drugs, sex or alcohol. They could exhibit signs they only know how to be in dysfunctional relationships. There could also be self-destructive behavior or bad behavior stemming from unresolved past issues. In order for the relationship to grow and evolve, each of the soulmates will need to evolve and change.


3. Denial. When a connection between soulmates is too intense for one or both to handle, denial comes in handy. They can and will do everything they can to disprove the connection exists. When this occurs they can actually block all contact with their soulmate. In their minds it is somehow easier to deny the connection rather than accept and the soulmate relationship. This is a difficult issue to deal with because you will still very much feel that open soulmate connection. But the other soulmate does not mirror it back but tucks it away and refuses to acknowledge it.


Top 10 Relationship Issues for Soulmates

Top 10 Relationship Issues for Soulmates

4. Disappearing acts. Soulmates are very good at disappearing and can actually do so quite frequently. Soulmates can disappear, and reappear, many times during the length of a soulmate connection. The real key here is to understand why it is happening but also how you manage yourself during the disappearing acts. When a soulmate is missing in action for weeks or months at a time it can be quite frustrating. When it happens again and again, it can destroy the connection between soulmates once and for all.


5. Love triangles. Quite often soulmates have a problem with interference from another man or woman. It could be a previous relationship that has not fully resolved, or a new relationship that creates a diversion from dealing with a soulmate relationship. There are many scenarios involving soulmates and love triangles. Unfortunately the damage done to soulmate relationships through love triangles can be astronomical.


6. Moving too fast. Often soulmates feel they have known each other forever, and feel comfortable very quickly. The soul level recognition between you creates that comfort and familiarity. Additionally, the sparks are flying and you want to feel and experience the connection as much as possible. Because of this, it is quite easy for relationships to develop way too quickly and move too fast. What was speeding along at 90 miles an hour can slow to a screeching halt at any moment. It can be very difficult for the intense emotions and connection to match the logical amount of time the couple has been together. This adjustment can cause major issues. One of the soulmates will slow down the connection in order to focus on normal life stuff. The other feels this subtle shift in energy, and can often panic and feel the relationship is coming to an end.


7. The highest highs and the lowest lows. Soulmates seem to feel and experience everything to the extreme. The good times are fantastic and the bad times are bloody awful. When things are going great and the connection is flowing, you feel as if you are on top of the world. When things are not flowing well between soulmates, you can become depressed, despondent, lazy, irresponsible, indolent and even manic. It is very important you find another outlet when things are low between soulmates and maintain a level of accountability for your life.


8. Fear. Some people, mostly the guys out there, are terrified by the overwhelming emotion in a soulmate connection. Soulmates must face their fears, as part of their soulmate contract. But what exactly is there to fear from a soulmate connection? Some soulmates fear a loss of control, fear trusting someone with their heart, fear the responsibility of being in a relationship, fear being accountable their soulmate partner,  etc. These may not be fears to you, but to them they are very real. When soulmates are unable to face those fears, they can either run or deny the soulmate connection.


9. Unrealistic expectations. Many soulmates believe a soulmate is here for the duration and that they will stay together regardless of how they behave. They may believe they can do anything, or say anything, without affecting their soulmate relationship. They may even think it gives them carte blanche for screwing up. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not all soulmates stay together, and if you keep testing your connection, your soulmate may walk away for good.


10. Accepting unacceptable behavior. Because of the strong emotional and often empathic connection, soulmates can lose any semblance of reason or logic. You may find yourself tolerating behavior from a soulmate that you would NEVER tolerate from any person on earth. These behaviors can include, cheating, drinking, drug abuse, gambling and physical or emotional abuse.  If you don’t tolerate this behavior from anyone else, how could you tolerate it from your soulmate? What is the lesson here?  This will make for a highly dysfunctional relationship and one you would be ultimately very miserable in.



Sarah and Sophia are able to understand the hidden complexities, issues and concerns affecting soulmate relationships. If you are experiencing issues with your soulmate, Sarah and Sophia can guide you on what needs to be addressed to give your soulmate relationship a better chance of working out long-term.

How Can I Meet My Soulmate?

Many times we are asked “How can I meet my soulmate?” If we believe in a truly limitless Universe, we must consider that the way our soulmate can enter our lives is limitless. Soulmate relationships are not something we create or find. Soulmate relationships are somewhat predestined or preordained, as a result of the karmic experiences we agree upon before being born. Soulmate relationships are not something we can seek while here on this earthly plane, but rather people who find each other when the time is right, as written in your soulmate contract. So it’s not so much a question of “How can I meet my soulmate?” but what is the Universe doing to bring them into your life.


When deep down in the core of your being you believe that your soulmate exists, there is no limit to the ways he or she can enter your life. ~~Arielle Ford


how can i meet my soulmate psychic reading

How Can I Meet My Soulmate?


There is no How Can I Meet My Soulmate club or website. In reality there are not any meditations, visualizations or other metaphysical gimmicks you can do to draw your soulmate to you. You will either meet them in this lifetime… or  you won’t. Remember this is something you agreed to experiencing before you were born so a soulmate relationship may not necessarily be part of you soul blue print for this lifetime. Please remember though that DOES NOT mean you will not have a fulfilling, connected, romantically intimate relationship for this lifetime. Actually, you may be better of in a romantic relationship that is not a soulmate relationship as it will  not come with the challenges and difficulties associated with a soulmate partnership.


Now all this is well enough said but is there anything at all you can do to meet your soulmate? There are a few things that need to be in place for that soulmate connection to manifest in the earthly plane. First and foremost you need to be working on yourself. By this we mean not just floating through life and reacting to different things that happen to you. You must be focused on yourself. You must be growing, personally and spiritually and you must be taking a proactive approach to the evolution of your soul as you live on the planet.


Soulmates tend to find each other during their respective pursuits of their soul missions. ~ Linda Brady


Now we don’t mean that you need to involved with saving all sea lions or volunteering to feed the hungry children of Africa, although these are both worthwhile endeavors. We mean that you  have to be focused on you and your soul’s growth. In other words, focus on why you are here on the planet, whatever that may be. For when you are doing this you are in perfect alignment with your soul blueprint and placing  yourself in optimal positioning to meet your soulmate.  Work on yourself. Work on your personal and spiritual development. This allows the Universe to see that you are working on your soul path and actually ready to have a soulmate encounter and experience.





Soulmates and Soulmate Relationships

We get a lot of questions about soulmate relationships, soulmate connections and soulmates in general. It seems to be one of the relationship buzzwords of New Age spirituality, but where exactly did it originate? In Plato’s Symposium, he presents a tale of humans who originally had four arms, four legs, and two faces (on one head). Zeus, father of the Greek Gods who lived on Mount Olympus, feared their power would become too great so he split them in half. He also condemned them to spend the rest of their lives searching for each other knowing neither would be complete until they found their other half. Somehow this has translated into the modern day search for our soulmate and the impending unhappiness we will endure if we never find them. How this happened, no one knows for sure.


soulmate relationships

Soulmates and Soulmate Relationships

Most people think of a soulmate relationship as an overly romanticized happily-ever-after fairytale romantic relationship. There is nothing further from the truth. Do we believe soulmate relationships can be very connected, passionate, loving romantic relationships? Yes, in some circumstances. But soulmate relationships are with people who are in our soul group, or soul family, who we hang out with when we are between lifetimes. We can have soulmate relationships with our parents, siblings, friends, family members and even with our pets as well as our romantic relationships.


We will share many lifetimes with our soulmates, incarnating with the over and over again, because they are the ones who agree to bring us the life lessons we need. Soulmate relationships a karmic relationship and we grow, evolve and learn with them. We work through our karma with them and we heal our lives with them. We sign our blueprints with our soulmates on the other side before being born, as we agree to each provide valuable life lessons and spiritual experiences for each other as our souls evolve on the earthly plane. As you incarnate in your different lifetimes with them, you can appear as father-daughter, mother-son, student-teacher, brother-sister and of course husband and wife. More than likely you will not incarnate the same way each lifetime. But…when you meet in this lifetime you will recognize and know each other in some ‘instant recognition’ kind of way. As you speak you will feel as if you have known each other before, and you have, just not in the physical plane.


Soulmate relationships are based on a deep love for each other because of their spiritual bond and their relationships will go beyond the superficial relationships based on lust, looks or money. You will all encounter many soulmate relationships in your lives, some romantic and others platonic, but each one of them will bring a profound meaning and life experiences that will help define who you are and who you will become.

Is Life Incomplete Without Your Soulmate?

Life without soulmates? How could even begin to imagine life without soulmates? The concept of soulmates emerged in Plato’s Symposium, so in theory the idea of everyone having another half of themselves has been around since ancient Greece. In the New Age however, it began to take on a more romantic undertone with the implication that we as humans will never be whole without our other half, or our soulmate. Many people feel if they don’t meet their soulmate that they must resign themselves to a life without joy, love or happiness. They feel that they will only find that happiness once they have found that soulmate. Union with the soulmate will release them from a lifetime of doom, gloom and misery. Isn’t that a very high expectation to place on someone?


lost without your soulmate

Are you lost without your soulmate?

From a personal spiritual growth perspective, the concept of being complete without your other half is the challenge of our lifetimes. To find your true romantic soulmate you have to be whole yourself. To be with your soulmate you need to be a complete person before a successful soulmate relationship can be defined. So essentially we are all stuck in a Catch-22. You want your soulmate to complete you, but you can’t find your soulmate because you are not whole as you are. So what is the solution? To work on yourself to become whole.


If you want your soulmate to appear in your life the best way to make that happen is to work on your own fears, phobias and insecurities. By now you will have already experienced a series of relationships, both good and bad. What did you learn from them? How did you handle the breakups? Did you wallow in misery attaching your happiness only to being with the person who ended your relationship? Or did you grieve a little, accept it and move on? Relationships, whether soulmate or not, are here to provide us valuable lesson, not only about relationships but about ourselves. We need to take what we learned from that relationship, assimilate it into the core of who we are, so that when it comes time for the next one, we will avoid the same mistakes.


If you are feeling lost because you have not found your soulmate, go out and have fun! Take classes, accept social invitations, learn to sail and do anything else that brings YOU joy. Do it for you, do it for yourself. Do the things that make YOU happy. Complete yourself! By shifting that thing within you that makes you feel incomplete and without wholeness, you will start filling in the gaps in your own energy so your soulmate can materialize. A potential soulmate partner will not be attracted to someone who is sad, melancholy or gloomy. When you are out and about walk with your head lifted and don’t stare at the floor. Smile and radiate confidence . Lift your energy and you will lift your vibration. In order for your true romantic soulmate to enter your life your vibrational energy needs to be high! Release any emotional baggage and other stuff tying you to the past, or a past relationship, that you have been carrying around with you. Let it go. Hauling that stuff around with you can make you weary.


When you are feeling happy, confident and complete, you stand a much greater chance of finding your soulmate. On their own, soulmate relationships come with major challenges and you will need to be at your BEST when you do find each other. Soulmate relationships are in our lives to teach us about ourselves through personal growth and spiritual lessons. You have to be ready to deal with what the Universe throws at you after you have met your soulmate so it is better to be in as whole as you can be when you find them.


Your soulmate really does not complete you, nor you them, in spite of what Tom Cruise said in “Jerry Maguire”. No one completes anyone. You need to be complete and whole on your own in order for your soulmate relationship to come into your life.


If you are wondering what is keeping you from meeting your soulmate, give Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise. They are both Relationship ~ Soulmate ~ Twinflame Experts. During a psychic reading with them you will be able to know and understand what is holding you back from meeting your soulmate. On the other hand, perhaps you are with your soulmate and you are currently in that space where there is soulmate conflict. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are here to help you work through any those problems, give you real workable solutions and help you get to the other side so you can KEEP your soulmate in your life!

Why Are Soulmate Relationships So Difficult?

Soulmate relationships are difficult. Who said they would be easy? There is a misconception out there, somewhere among the masses, that soulmate relationships are filled with roses, candlelight dinners, long walks on the beach and talking (or god forbid texting) until wee hours of the morning. This is simply just not how it truly is. Soulmate relationships can be very difficult!


When you meet your soulmate, or find yourself in a soulmate relationship, you can bet it is going to be one helluva ride. So, fasten your seat-belt and hold on. There will always be an initial click when you meet your soulmate, similar to what some people call love at first sight. You may even experience a sense of disconnecting from reality in a way, as your two souls connect on the inner plains, while the two of you are smiling, chatting and flirting. As you look into each others eyes there is a feeling of destiny and sometimes even a knowing that this just might be THE ONE. And as I mentioned previously, hold on for the ride, because life lessons are coming!


soulmate relationships are difficult

Soulmate Relationships are Difficult

Contrary to popular belief, Soulmate relationships are not ones where everything flows smoothly and easily. We attract Soulmate relationships into our lives to teach us valuable life lessons, to grow and to evolve so that we can become our highest, best SELF. It does not mean that Soulmate relationships are not fun, because they are. When you are with your soulmate in a romantic relationship, your energy is firing with all pistons loaded. You connect with your soulmate on all levels ~ mental, physical, emotional and spiritual. You will have a lot in common with your soulmate, you will like to do a lot of the same activities and be able to converse on a multitude of topics. You will also find other things that connect you. For instance, your grandmothers may have the same first name or birthday, one (or both) of your parents may have attended the same school, you may have similar cars or both love brussels sprouts. Whatever it is, you will find it.


Things will flow smoothly in soulmate relationships for a while with great communication, exciting dates and wonderful sex, but then without warning something will happen. Something bad. Something we like to call the Soulmate Crisis Point. It could be the loss of a job, a move to another location, a parent being ill, or god forbid, an ex trying to come back into the picture. Whatever the issue is, it will be challenging and one that requires you to both grow. And unfortunately that growth will undoubtedly come with a separation. Sometimes that spiritual growth will be together but sometimes you will have to be apart to grow as you assimilate that life lesson into your life experiences.


As humans we never learn valuable lessons if our lives are going on happy as can be and things flow smoothly. We learn from pain, like when we were small and burned our hands on the stove. If the challenge creates a split between the two soulmates there is a probability of coming back together again at some future point; however, it is possible that the situation is such that is causes you to end your relationship for good. And this will be difficult. There is no emotional, physical, spiritual connection like a soulmate connection. When you have had it and feel like you have lost it, you will feel empty because that soulmate relationship completed you and filled you.


It is now up to you to rebuild yourself. After losing a soulmate, this can take some time, so go easy on yourself. It is a good time to practice a lot of self-care. You will need to rebuild your emotional state, more than likely, and being around close friends and family is a good way to do that. On the other hand, perhaps you rebuild your self from spending time alone. You may find yourself mad at God, or the Universe. It is not really their fault though. You have to remember this is the blueprint you designed for yourself for this lifetime. You will not be able to see that in the beginning of the crisis, but eventually you will. Things in retrospect tend to make a lot more sense than when you are in the middle of the upset and chaos. Just remember, take one day at a time, it will take a while to heal. But you will love again.




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