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Leaving a Bad Soulmate Relationship

Leaving a bad soulmate relationship is something many people are unwilling to do. They feel they would rather stay in a bad soulmate relationship, refusing to leave, in the hopes it will get better. Leaving their soulmate is out of the question for many people. What if leaving a bad soulmate relationship is the only way to save it? What if leaving is the right thing to do or the only thing to do to create positive change?


This may seem like a foreign concept to many people. How can leaving a bad soulmate relationship actually be a positive thing? The answer is easy. Many people are afraid of leaving a bad relationship because they feel that leaving is final. They may let someone break up with them 400 times and let them back 400 times but they don’t think someone would let them back or want them back. If you ask us, that’s pretty ridiculous.

Leaving a Bad Soulmate Relationship

               Leaving a Bad Soulmate Relationship

If you wind up leaving a bad soulmate relationship because your soulmate won’t get with the program, how is it your fault you left? Are you implying your soulmate is too stupid to know their behavior wasn’t pushing you away and that eventually you might leave? Your soulmate isn’t that stupid, they know they deserve to have you leave them.


The truth of the matter is you don’t believe your soulmate will care if you wind up leaving. You are insecure. You believe they will be happy without you and move on quickly to someone else. That alone is enough of a reason to leave. Why on earth would you stay in a relationship that makes you feel that way? How could you be that stupid to think you will stay together if your soulmate doesn’t care if you end it?


The longer you stay, the less attractive you will become to your soulmate. When you allow someone to treat you badly, it doesn’t make them respect you. It doesn’t prove your love for them. It makes them see you as their victim, as insecure, and someone they cannot take seriously. Their treatment of you will only get worse.


You may think if you stay instead of leaving a bad soulmate relationship, they may wake up one day and realize how important you are to them. Well, how many days have you given them already to test your theory? What are you going to do to wake them up?


Sometimes leaving a bad soulmate relationship can remind someone how much they need you. Leaving doesn’t always mean you have to end the relationship. You can physically leave, by being less affectionate. You can emotionally withdraw as a way of leaving. You can focus more on yourself and stop making the relationship and your soulmate’s nonsense a priority. Withdrawing or pulling back your attention can be an effective way of leaving. It could be as simple as not initiating contact, or begging to see them, or complaining about not spending enough time together.


At some point, leaving a bad soulmate relationship could be the best thing that happens to you as a couple. Sometimes it is the lesson your soulmate needs to learn to move forward in a more positive and healthy way. You will learn from this experience as well.


Soulmate Memories: How Do They Make You Feel?

Soulmate memories can be bittersweet. For some people, soulmate memories bring positive emotions in remembering their connection and time together. They see it as an experience that helped shape their lives, opportunities for spiritual growth and evolving to the next level of their existence.


For others, soulmate memories can be heart wrenching, preventing them from moving forward with their lives. They live in the past because they feel the constant pull backwards to the time they shared with their soulmates. They very often obsess about the relationship and what coulda, shoulda, woulda been. It is very difficult to stay on a forward momentum and progress in your life when your soulmate has separated from you.

Soulmate Memories

                          Soulmate Memories


Regardless of the reason, or lack thereof, many people find it almost impossible to release the hold soulmate memories have over them. They wish they could stop thinking of their soulmate, or being reminded of them time and time again, through reminders the Universe throws at them. Memories come flooding back and peace of mind and emotional fortitude go out the window.


How can the memories of a soulmate help someone instead of constantly hurting them? Are there any benefits to soulmate memories? There can be numerous ways they can help, if you use them the right way.


Dwelling on the past, instead of learning from it, is a bad idea and it keeps you stuck. It is natural for someone to feel pain when thinking of a relationship that didn’t work out. If you and your soulmate have ended your relationship, don’t let their memory defeat you.


Don’t focus primarily on the good times. If you find only warm, pleasant memories plaguing you, immediately shift your focus to the bad ones. Don’t romanticize, but remember the entire relationship, not just the parts that were good. Don’t focus on the lessons they needed to learn, and when or if they ever will. Look back at the changes that relationship made in you.


Did you become someone you didn’t like? Did you change for the worse, even though you did it for love? Did you let them get away with murder? Did you constantly make excuses for them? Were they breaking things, including your heart, all the time but you always had to reach out, apologize, or be the bigger person?


That is what you should think about when soulmate memories rear their ugly head. Remember who you were before that relationship and how you may have changed for the worse. Focus on going back to who you were before the damage was done. Detox from the drama, problems and issues. Get your strength, your dignity and your self-respect back. Instead of wondering when or if they will return, worry about them returning to the same old nonsense.


Make the changes you need to so that craziness won’t happen again. Learn the lessons and experience the personal growth you needed to embrace either a new soulmate or a returning one. Then you can create new and lasting relationships in the future.


Do You Dwell Too Much on Your Soulmate?

Do you dwell too much on your soulmate? When a soulmate enters your life, it is hard not to dwell on them. You soulmate is suddenly the thing you think about and often the only person you want to talk to or hang out with. When soulmates meet, it is as if no one else in the world exists. The chemistry and the pull from the soul is strong but when you  add the intensity of emotion, it’s like nothing you have experienced before.


There is a positive and negative side to dwelling on your soulmate. At first, it can be exhilarating, so enjoy that part. Since so many soulmates have a period of separation, dwelling will go in another direction entirely. When soulmates separate, even for a short time, it can feel debilitating. It is like your right arm was cut off because they are such a part of you and now that part is are missing.


dwelling on your soulmate

Do You Dwell Too Much on Your Soulmate?

Perhaps your soulmate is not around right now because of a job change or family illness. If so, try not to dwell too much. The universe is giving you time apart to get yourself in check. A soulmates reason for not being around is logical and necessary. Crying and acting as if your life is over is not what you are supposed to be doing. Dwelling like that is unhealthy, especially since you don’t have a good reason. Sure, you can miss them, but your life shouldn’t be falling apart. On the contrary, if should be building up.


If you really believe this person is your soulmate, then have some faith in that. Get some things in your life caught up so you can spend more time with them when they get back. When soulmates are apart, it is a test of sorts. If you dwell too much and fall apart, the relationship can fall apart. You don’t want that. Don’t dwell on how sad you are because they left you for right now. Remind yourself that your soulmate needed to do this and be supportive. Tell yourself how good it will be when you talk and see one another and how you will make the most of that. Rise to the challenge instead of falling to pieces.


If your soulmate left and told you the relationship is over, you can allow yourself to dwell, but not indefinitely. When a soulmate relationship ends, it can be devastating but this is not an excuse to check out of life. They hurt you by leaving, don’t hurt yourself further by constantly dwelling on the soulmate separation. At first you have a right to dwell but at a certain point you have to dust yourself off and get on with your life.


It will be hard to break the cycle of thoughts and behaviors you practiced while dwelling on your soulmate break up. It won’t be easy, but you have to start at some point and you have to allow other things into your life and your mind. You have to pick up the pieces of your life and become a bigger part of it. Start in zombie mode if you have to and just fake it until you make it. Eventually, even though your soul mate will still have a piece of your heart, you will also find joy and happiness in other things. If/when they come back, you can deal with them again. Don’t put yourself through the grieving process too long. You want to be a whole person if/when they come back, or for someone new who can enter your life.


Can You Win Your Soulmate Back?

Can you win your soulmate back? Has your soulmate refused to speak to you because of an argument or disagreement? Have you done something to cause your soulmate to break up with you? Has your soulmate gone so deep into denial they cut off your relationship without any real warning? Is there a way you can win back your soulmate when they have turned their back on your connection, love, and relationship? There is no universal answer to this question.


There is no absolute way you can win your soulmate back. Some people think the more they do, and the harder they try, eventually their soulmate will return to them. Sorry folks, but that isn’t always true. Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, you can not win your soulmate back. Only they can decide to get back together with you. You cannot force them to. You cannot do or say that one thing that will set a light bulb off in their head if they are dead set against it. And God forbid you try to win them back with some sort of magical mumbo jumbo as that comes with severe karmic implications. Sometimes you just have to give them space and time. You have to give them the amount of time and space they need, not what you need.


soulmate psychic readings soulmate psychic

Can You Win Your Soulmate Back?

If you have done something really major, chances are you may have to give them a considerable amount of time before they will even be open to the idea. If you have done nothing, or they are using something stupid or small as an excuse, then at the moment nothing you can do or say can win your soulmate back. They are in runner mode. Just stand still and don’t bother trying to get them to return just now.


The more effort you expend trying to get your soulmate to return when they are running away, the faster and further they will run. You would only be making things worse and prolonging things if you try to win them back right now. They need to go it alone for the moment. Their emotions, not their logic, overtook them. They couldn’t handle their emotions, which created fear. Give them some time to let their emotions die down. Then the will think more clearly. Allow them get under control before you even think of having a serious conversation with them. Until they understand what they did, and why they did it, how can they help you understand it? How can they change it? They can’t. And if you try to hard to get answers from them, you will force them to lie and make stuff up because they don’t really know the answers.


If your soulmate is the one screwing your relationship up all the time, why would you bother trying to win them back? If they have another person in their life, or won’t step up to the plate, or keep breaking up with you or sabotaging your relationship, that is their mess to fix. They should be the one trying to win YOU back. And if you keep doing what they should be doing, your relationship is only headed for more problems down the road. If they broke it, let them fix it.


Don’t help them do their job and don’t make it easy on them. It was a piece of cake for them to screw things up, so let them put the same amount of time energy and effort into trying to win you back. You may want to win your soulmate back, and sometimes the timing isn’t right, or your soulmate isn’t open to it. You may want to win your soulmate back when they should be the one trying to win you over. It is times like these where the best thing you can do is nothing. Waiting may seem like a waste of time to you, but it is actually trying to win your soulmate back when they are resistant that is really the waste of your time.


Does Your Soulmate Want a Divorce?

Your soulmate asked you for a divorce and you can’t believe it. When you met your soulmate you knew deep down that this was the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with. You went through so much together. The good times were better than you could have imagined. The bad times were rough, but your soulmate connection helped keep you together. You thought there was nothing you and your soul\mate couldn’t get through. When you married your soulmate, you really believed in forever. You never could have imagined your soulmate would want a divorce. You didn’t see this coming. How did it ever come to this?


Soulmate Divorce

Does Your Soulmate Want a Divorce?


Has your soulmate lost his mind? Does your soulmate really want this divorce or will they snap out of it? Does divorce ever happen to soulmates?


Believe it or not, some soulmates do get divorced. Just because you married your soulmate does not mean your marriage is protected by some invisible source. We all, as humans, have free will, and your soulmate’s free will may have them seeking a divorce. Whether or not the divorce goes though or they change their mind at some point is another story all together. Sometimes, when marriages are going through a rough patch, even soulmates consider divorce. The strains of life, such as money, job loss or illness can be taken out on the marriage even though the marriage didn’t cause the strain.


Wanting to change ones life suddenly can make someone feel they must abandon the life they are currently living. That kind of thing can even happen in soulmate marriages. Your soulmate could be going through a mid-life crisis or something to that effect. The soulmate you knew and loved so well may now be acting like a completely different person. You may barely even recognize your soulmate and feel like you are living with a stranger. Will your soulmate snap out of this and come back to you? Or has your soulmate truly changed into this person that is alien to you? Sometimes, sadly, the soulmate seeks a new life journey and leaves their soulmate behind. Others do come to their senses and return, even after a divorce is final.


Your soulmate could want a divorce for all the wrong reasons. For instance, your soulmate could be on the wrong path, and have become an alcoholic. Their alcoholism could be causing major problems in your marriage. Your soulmate may want a divorce because you are against their constant drinking and the behavior that comes with it. Their disease can be so strong that even though they are your soulmate, they think it is easier to let you go than let go of the alcohol. Their alcohol addiction is why they want a divorce, not because you are no longer soulmates. In a case like this, you have let them hit rock bottom and seek help without you. You could enlist their friends and family to have an intervention, but your soulmate may not be ready to break their addiction. It is hard to watch your soulmate self destruct, but the choice to do so, unfortunately, is theirs.


Your sou mate may have found a new love interest and wants a divorce. (Yes, this even happens to soul mates). It could be coming from ego, complacency, age, so many things. This is one of the toughest things for soulmates to go through. So what should you do when your soulmate wants a divorce? Should you give in and make it easy on them? Should you fight your soulmate and make it very difficult for them to divorce you? It depends on the soulmate couple and what is best for them in the long run. Each situation is different. Let yourself get over the initial shock of the impending divorce. Then try to come from a place of logic and try to keep your emotions in check. Although your soulmate has free will, you don’t have to go along with it. You have free will too, and if you want to fight for your marriage, then that is your choice.


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