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Interference in Soulmate Relationships

Interference is soulmate relationships is very common. When a relationship comes with soulmate destiny, many are shocked by the amount of interference they encounter. In many cases the interference may actually be a lesson to be learned and dealt with.


For instance, let’s say one soulmate had a family that was very dependent on them and left them little time and room for a real relationship. Upon meeting their soulmate, their family may try anything to break the couple and stop them from seeing each other. They won’t admit they are being selfish, they will claim it is because they love them. The universe brought these two together to allow them to break the stranglehold their family is holding over them. Unfortunately, this can often result in a power struggle between soulmates rather than dealing with the real issue.

Interference in Soulmate Relationships

  Interference in Soulmate Relationships

Instead of doing what needs to be done, they expect their soulmate to accept the unhealthy situation being forced upon them. Of course their soulmate can clearly see the dysfunctional family dynamics, but the other refuses to acknowledge and deal with it. Instead they will make excuses for them or even side with them. Many soulmates break up because of family interference. They often reconcile, but the family hasn’t changed, and the interference starts all over again. This crazy cycle will continue until the lesson is learned and appropriately dealt with.


Interference can also come from a soulmate’s ex romantic partner. The ex can behave improperly and try to cause a break up in the soulmate relationship. Exes can also encourage their children to interfere and cause problems for the couple. A soulmate that wants to sabotage their relationship will go back to their ex every time they encounter troubles with their soulmate.


Exes can often create an on/off relationship for a soulmate couple. The soulmate is probably not in love with their ex, nor having a problem choosing who they want. It stems from a larger issue and the ex is just a tool of sabotage. How a person deals with an ex when they are single is one thing, but when you get into a new relationship, how you dealt with an ex has to change. In any relationship, you should never let a dysfunctional relationship from your past interfere with your current one. Many soulmate couples encounter this type of interference in their relationships.


One partner could have a job that causes a lot of interference. What job may have worked for a single person doesn’t always work for a couple. They can use every excuse in the book as to why they have to devote so much time to work. It is a fact that no normal relationship can survive when there is no quality time given to the relationship. They may need the money to survive, but don’t they also need a relationship? Many soulmates believe they can survive work interference because of their strong connection. This is not true. A relationship needs both partners to be present, to create memories, and grow together. If they don’t have the time to do that, they grow apart.


There are many different types of interference soulmates can encounter, but if they stick together and don’t take it out on each other, they can weather the storm.


You Can Have More than One Soulmate in a Lifetime

Can you have more than one soulmate in a lifetime? Even though a soulmate is a rarer find than many people believe, you can have more than one soulmate in a lifetime. There are many people alive on the planet today who have had experiences with multiple soulmates, as you all incarnate over and over again in different lifetimes. The same does not hold true for twin flames however, as there can only be one twin for each of us, if we ever encounter that person while alive.

You Can Have More than One Soulmate

   You Can Have More than One Soulmate in a Lifetime


For some, all of the soulmates have been romantic connections. It would stand to reason that if the universe brings you a soulmate, and the relationship doesn’t work out that they may give you another one. If you learned your lessons and made your changes, although your soulmate did not, you may be blessed with another soulmate connection. If you don’t learn your lessons, make your changes or only allow the relationship to bring out the worst in you, then chances are slim. You should have learned the first time, because their may not be a next time. Chances are you will find yourself repeating these lessons with dysfunctional relationship after dysfunctional relationship. And that would truly suck.


Some people have been blessed with soulmates both in romance and friendship. Take for instance, the character of Carrie in the show Sex and the City. Her romantic soulmate would be Mr. Big, but her friends Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda could also be considered her soulmates. Since soulmates are not always romantic relationships, you could have a soulmate in a friend, family member, or even a pet.


With friends, as opposed to romantic connections, it may be an easier relationship without as much drama. But there may be challenges and life lessons in soulmate relationships with friends and family members. You may have a friend or family member who helps you come out of your shell, do things you thought you would never do, or have experiences you never thought you would have. These people were brought into your life to help you become a better you. You my have fights and not speak to one another, but that connection always remains.


You Can Have More than One Soulmate each lifetime

          We Have More than One Soulmate


You may have several Aunts, but always felt closer or drawn to one much more than the others. Your family may speak of the “special” relationship you share. It could be that they are a familial soulmate. Not everyone has a big family or comes from one, but soulmates can give you friends that become like family members. A pet can also be a soulmate as well. There are many animal lovers that treat all their furry friends as members of the family. But quite often they have a special bond with a special pet. It doesn’t mean they didn’t love all their pets, it is just a different connection.


A soulmate is a unique bond and connection you share with many people in your life, but it doesn’t have to be a romantic one. It also doesn’t have to happen only once in a lifetime either as there is a very good chance you will meet more than one.

Losing Your Mind in a Soulmate Relationship

Losing your mind in a soulmate relationship can be an all too common occurrence. When these intense connections present themselves, many times one, if not both of you, can lose touch with your sanity and find yourselves losing your mind. Were you both completely sane when you first met but now things either of you do and say make you look insane? So how exactly do you begin losing your mind once you meet a soulmate?


Meeting a soulmate is often a mind-blowing experience. It can really shake you up and make them feel completely powerless and out of control. When soulmates feel they are losing control of their emotions, they feel they are losing control of their lives. This causes them to feel they are losing their mind, the degree of which will vary for each person.


Some soulmates will feel exhilarated, and in awe, at the depth of the love they feel towards someone. Others will freak out completely by the depth of love they feel toward someone. These folks are the ones we often see losing it in a soulmate relationship. When their emotions go haywire, the brain goes along for the ride.


Losing Your Mind in a Soulmate Relationship

             Losing Your Mind in a Soulmate Relationship

When a soulmate loses their mind, they can really screw up the soulmate relationship. Some run for the hills. They block all contact and refuse to speak to their soulmate, usually giving them bogus excuse for bailing. Others will just simply disappear, often permanently, ghosting their soulmate instead of ending the relationship.


Other soulmates can turn to another romantic partner they don’t feel as strongly for. They find that person safer and easier to mange because they can control their emotions within the confines of a mundane relationship.


Soulmates can also create many problems, and tons of drama, because they are waiting for the shoe to drop. They figure this is too good to be true, so why not speed up the ending by sabotaging the relationship. There are also cases where some soulmates marry someone else!


The list of destructive things some soulmates can and will do if fall into this trap is endless. The other soulmate is put through hell, thanks to the insanity of their partner. It can literally drive them crazy too.


So what do you do when you, or your soulmate, begin to feel like you are losing your mind?


First of all, you must get a grip on your own mind. Don’t try to make sense of their craziness. That would be crazy on your part and also an epic waste of time. You cannot rationalize irrational behavior, so don’t bother wasting your time. Stop trying to understand the real reason they are doing this or that or why they said this or that. More than likely you can put it under the blanket of a soulmate freak out. That is the main issue, the day-to-day minor issues don’t matter, because they are all stemming from the same reason.


You handle it by trying to stay as sane as you can. If you let it drive you to a point where you are losing your mind too, you have lost the battle. Two people who have gone loony tunes are in no position to get a healthy, sane relationship going. All you will get it chaos and toxicity. So try to ground yourself and if your soulmate spins out of control, don’t try to control it or stop it. This is their battle to fight, not yours. It is time to sit on the sidelines, even though that is hard to do. You need to wait for the dust to settle. Once they have come to their senses, then you can both move forward together towards a happy relationship.

Does Your Soulmate Want a Divorce?

Your soulmate asked you for a divorce and you can’t believe it. When you met your soulmate you knew deep down that this was the person you were going to spend the rest of your life with. You went through so much together. The good times were better than you could have imagined. The bad times were rough, but your soulmate connection helped keep you together. You thought there was nothing you and your soul\mate couldn’t get through. When you married your soulmate, you really believed in forever. You never could have imagined your soulmate would want a divorce. You didn’t see this coming. How did it ever come to this?


Soulmate Divorce

Does Your Soulmate Want a Divorce?


Has your soulmate lost his mind? Does your soulmate really want this divorce or will they snap out of it? Does divorce ever happen to soulmates?


Believe it or not, some soulmates do get divorced. Just because you married your soulmate does not mean your marriage is protected by some invisible source. We all, as humans, have free will, and your soulmate’s free will may have them seeking a divorce. Whether or not the divorce goes though or they change their mind at some point is another story all together. Sometimes, when marriages are going through a rough patch, even soulmates consider divorce. The strains of life, such as money, job loss or illness can be taken out on the marriage even though the marriage didn’t cause the strain.


Wanting to change ones life suddenly can make someone feel they must abandon the life they are currently living. That kind of thing can even happen in soulmate marriages. Your soulmate could be going through a mid-life crisis or something to that effect. The soulmate you knew and loved so well may now be acting like a completely different person. You may barely even recognize your soulmate and feel like you are living with a stranger. Will your soulmate snap out of this and come back to you? Or has your soulmate truly changed into this person that is alien to you? Sometimes, sadly, the soulmate seeks a new life journey and leaves their soulmate behind. Others do come to their senses and return, even after a divorce is final.


Your soulmate could want a divorce for all the wrong reasons. For instance, your soulmate could be on the wrong path, and have become an alcoholic. Their alcoholism could be causing major problems in your marriage. Your soulmate may want a divorce because you are against their constant drinking and the behavior that comes with it. Their disease can be so strong that even though they are your soulmate, they think it is easier to let you go than let go of the alcohol. Their alcohol addiction is why they want a divorce, not because you are no longer soulmates. In a case like this, you have let them hit rock bottom and seek help without you. You could enlist their friends and family to have an intervention, but your soulmate may not be ready to break their addiction. It is hard to watch your soulmate self destruct, but the choice to do so, unfortunately, is theirs.


Your sou mate may have found a new love interest and wants a divorce. (Yes, this even happens to soul mates). It could be coming from ego, complacency, age, so many things. This is one of the toughest things for soulmates to go through. So what should you do when your soulmate wants a divorce? Should you give in and make it easy on them? Should you fight your soulmate and make it very difficult for them to divorce you? It depends on the soulmate couple and what is best for them in the long run. Each situation is different. Let yourself get over the initial shock of the impending divorce. Then try to come from a place of logic and try to keep your emotions in check. Although your soulmate has free will, you don’t have to go along with it. You have free will too, and if you want to fight for your marriage, then that is your choice.


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