Dysfunctional Soulmates Have Dysfunctional Relationships

dysfunctional relationship for soulmates

Soulmate relationships can be dysfunctional relationships. Soulmates are often portrayed as meeting, falling instantly in love, and living happily ever after.  In reality, soulmate relationships can often become dysfunctional relationships. Primarily, due to the intensity of emotions, chemistry and the soulmate connection, logic and fair play can fly out the window. When…

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A Soulmate Connection Can Work Against You

soulmate connection make you crazy

As we discussed already in so many of our posts, a soulmate connection is truly one of the most amazing soul connections to another being. The strength and depth of a soulmate connection is very difficult to break. Many couples are able to work through many issues, weathering any storm, because…

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Do You put Your Soulmate Relationship Under a Microscope?

So many people seem to put their soulmate relationship under a microscope. When you put a relationship of any kind under a microscope it can actually put a choke hold on the energy of the relationship from moving forward. Is it really necessary to over analyze and obsess over every…

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Quality Time with Your Soulmate

Quality time is important for every relationship, even soul mates and twin flames. Quality time keeps soul mates from drifting apart and deepens their connection, with each other and with Spirit. People seem to believe that soul mates can withstand just about anything, which is not always true. Soul mate…

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Fantasy VS Reality: Do Fairy Tales Prevent You From Finding True Love?

There is a big difference in fantasy vs reality. Every little girl knows the stories of Snow White, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, who each lived happily ever after with a handsome prince. For some of us, these stories have carried over into our adult lives and hope for our relationships.…

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