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10 Signs You or Your Soulmate are Old Souls

Is your soulmate an old soul? Could you possibly be two old souls that have come together as a soulmate couple? Because many soulmates have encountered one another over numerous life times, chances are one or both of you could be old souls. So what is an old soul and how can you recognize if you or your partner are old souls?


10 Signs You or Your Soulmate are Old Souls

1.  The first sign of an old soul is that they can see the forest through the trees. They tend to not get caught up in the little things nor sweat the small stuff. They are more conscious of the bigger plan and how we are all a part of that plan. Old souls are aware of how everything they do can affect everything and everyone else. Old souls understand we are all pieces of a much bigger picture.


2.  Old souls tend to gravitate toward more mature people, especially when they are younger. They may have a hard time relating to people their age and move towards an older crowd or older people. They welcome the wisdom and experience of older people and find them much easier to talk with and relate to. This may cause them to feel different or not fit in with their peers. From a young age an old soul will express wisdom, depth and maturity beyond their years.


3.  Old souls tend to focus on quality, not quantity. They do not need material goods to feed their ego or elevate their social status. They are more concerned with the quality of the company they keep, rather than the number of friends they have. Old souls treasure their good friends, which are usually only a few, and acquaintances do not mean as much to them. They are looking for people they can relate to, rather than just pass the time with. If there is no one currently around them who they can relate to, an old soul would prefer to be alone. Superficiality in people is a major turn off to old souls. It may be hard for old souls to find true friends and they would rather hang out in smaller circles than big crowds.

10 Signs You or Your Soulmate are Old Souls

10 Signs You or Your Soulmate are Old Souls

4.  Another sign of an old soul is they seem more comfortable being alone than the average person. Old souls embrace their time alone to better understand themselves, understand others, seek wisdom, and enjoy solitary activities. Of course old souls can feel lonely, but they seem to have the ability to entertain themselves rather than need to be entertained by others.


5.  Old souls have at one time or another felt as if they do not belong. They see and feel how different they are, and it makes them feel very alone and misunderstood. Many old souls have found themselves at one time or another wishing they were more like everyone else. Other people may have labeled the old soul as a weirdo or strange because they just seem out of place. Old souls can have a hard time growing up due to those labels put upon them by others, especially when they were younger.


6.  Old souls quite often know themselves better than others. Because of the time and energy they expend going deep within themselves, they can accept who they are because they know who they are. Old souls seem more willing to acknowledge their strengths and weaknesses at an earlier age. This can lead to self acceptance and awareness at an earlier age as well.


7.  An old soul often finds themselves connecting strongly with history. Architecture, art and ruins from certain time period connect with them quite deeply. It can also be a sign of an old soul when a country they have never been to before feels like home to them because they may have been there in one or more past lives.


8.  Spirituality, religions and their life’s purpose are of interest to old souls. They may find themselves dabbling in different religions or philosophies until they find what speaks to them. They are hungry for knowledge and steadfast on their question to find more meaning to life. They look for deeper relationships with people and look for meaning in every day experiences.


9.  Old souls can tend to be more aware of time. Where many of us let time pass us by, old souls tend to be more aware of how they spend their time. They look to filling their time on earth with what they feel are important experiences, people and knowledge. Old souls do not like to waste their time and can feel there is not enough time to accomplish all they want to. They may feel the pressure to get things done and have more of a sense of urgency than others.


10. People tend to gravitate towards old souls when seeking wisdom. Old souls are easier to talk to and offer wisdom others feel rings true. Many old souls have a way of speaking that others find soothing, comforting and non-judgmental. They feel as if they are talking to an old friend or someone who really understands what they are going through.


If you recognize yourself or your soulmate in the signs listed above, one or both of you may be an old soul. It may be a fun experience to discuss historical interests, time periods and places to see where the intersection of your lives appeared before. Perhaps it will provide some clarity to your current relationship and understand your soulmate contract with one another.

Karmic Relationship or Soulmate Relationship

A karmic relationship and a soulmate relationship can feel very similar. As a matter of fact, it may be somewhat difficult for you to determine if you are in karmic relationship vs a soulmate relationship because you are IN it. A karmic relationship is still an important relationship in your life because you will be working through some of your karmic debt with that person. A karmic relationship is also a spiritual one and so there is a divine purpose for this relationship in your life.


karmic relationship soulmate psychic readings

Karmic Relationship or Soulmate Relationship?

Do you ever wonder why you are drawn to a certain person? Was there just something about them that you could not quite put your finger on, but you knew it was there? Did it feel as if you had known this person before, although you had never met in this lifetime? At the initial meeting did it have a strange oozy woozy kind of feel to it, almost as if you were out of body and not quite present while the theme song to ‘The Twilight Zone” was playing in your head :- )


This could quite possibly be a soulmate relationship in the making or it could be a karmic relationship. A soulmate relationship is a karmic relationship, but not necessarily the other way around. In the relationship organizational chart, think of a karmic relationship being on the lower level, then soulmates and then Twin Flames. So what does all this mean exactly?


We have relationships in our lives to heal past stuff, whether that be relationship issues, phobias, fears or behaviors. Every relationship teaches us something, whether we want it to or not. Every relationship we have affects our lives to help us grow and evolve. Whenever we need a life lesson, we will attract someone into our life who will teach it to us. So when you need to heal, grow or evolve, you will attract a karmic or soulmate relationship into your life. Not all relationships are meant to work out long term, but you can bet if you are in a karmic relationship or soulmate relationship you will assimilate a life lesson through the process of knowing and connecting to that other soul. And what a connection it will be!!


Karma is the universal law of cause and effect that says every thought, word and action creates our present reality. It is also the actions, words and deeds we will work through with any karmic or soulmate relationship we have in our lives. We can have karmic relationships in our lives to work through our issues, resolve our problems and expand our ‘selves’ so that we can become the people we are destined to become. You agreed to having these lessons, or karmic experiences, with this other soul, prior to being born. Prior to incarnation you decided, along with your guides and other heavenly administration, exactly what lessons you would learn, how you would evolve and with whom you would have these experiences. This is why, when you meet that karmic relationship guy or gal, you might feel a slight moving of the earth. You are having the cosmic experience of a soul level recognition of that other being. This can often be interpreted as ‘love at first site’ and may in fact be confused for a soulmate relationship.


If you need help discerning if a karmic relationship is a soulmate relationship or not, a soulmate reading with Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise can help you sort through the confusion. Regardless of the type of relationship it is, if you have a karmic relationship or a soulmate relationship currently in your life, it is there for a reason. It is there to teach you. It is there so you can grow. It is there so you can evolve to a higher place on your soul’s journey.


Where is My Soulmate?

Have you ever wondered… where is my soulmate!! When I was a little girl, I used to read fairy tales and watch all the Disney moves. “Cinderella”, “Snow White” and “Sleeping Beauty” filled my head with fantasies about being a princess and would fall asleep dreaming that “Someday My Prince Will Come”. I used to think that one day I would grow up and get married to my handsome prince. Back then getting married to someone you loved and shared common ground with was a basis for a great relationship. Strangely this no longer seems to be the case.


finding soulmate

Where is My Soulmate?

Today it seems that the handsome prince has been replaced by the soulmate. Everyone wants to find and be in a relationship with their soulmate. They want to know if the person they are currently in a relationship with is their soulmate and if not, how and when will they meet their soulmate. It seems for the most part, that people feel incomplete without their soulmate, yearning for them, longing to meet them, be with them, unite with them. Soulmate energies are like two magnets, with the energy of each pulling toward the other. Across time and space, no matter how far or how long, soulmates can and will find each other. When you are in a soulmate relationship, the souls urge to merge. No matter how long, no matter how far you have to travel – you are destined to meet and be in each others lives for a while or for a lifetime.


How do you know if the person you are currently dating, or in a relationship with, is your soulmate? A soulmate is someone you feel drawn to, deeply connected to, a part of, a perfect match for, in a deeper way than physically or superficially. When you are in a soulmate relationship you will connect on the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual levels with your soulmate partner. You will share each others thoughts and complete each others sentences. People who know you may even insist the two of you share a brain.


Soulmate relationships also bring with them intense life lessons, so you can bet that when you meet someone with who you feel a strong cosmic shift that it will be one helluva ride. There will be karma to work out from past lives and past relationships you had with this soulmate. Things will be wonderful, there will be lots of passion, great conversations and talking all night long. You will spend a lot of time together, do fun things together and bask in the glow of the love you have for each other. And then… just like for Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, the life lessons will come and you will each have to go through them either together but more than likely individually.


Now instead of humming “Some Day my Prince Will Come”, I supposed little girls everywhere will be humming, “Some day my Soulmate will Come”.


Are you currently in a soulmate relationship? Do you wonder if you will ever find your soulmate? Do you wonder how and when you will meet your soulmate? A soulmate reading with Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise will be able to steer you in the right direction of identifying your soulmate relationship. Sarah and Sophia are both 5-star love psychics and relationship life coaches who are here to steer you on the path to meeting and keeping your soulmate!


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