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Long Distance

Long Distance and Soulmate Relationships

distance and soulmate relationships

Soulmate Relationships

When it comes to soulmate relationships, distance is not really a consideration. In soulmate relationships no distance is too far. Nor is the concept of time or space, for that matter, but that is a topic for a another posting. When two people are destined to be together … they will be … no matter what blockages or obstacles come in the way to try and delay or prevent it. This is one of the primary concepts that defines soulmate relationships. Sure the fact that the two of you like the exact same shade of purple are important *not*, it is overcoming the challenges and life lessons thrown at you during the course of your relationship that make it significant.


Lets say, for example, you are in a relationship with Bob who has been recently given a promotion and has to move to Timbuktu. You are clearly upset about him leaving because you know the two of you are soulmates and you were looking forward to further establishing your life, and your love, with him. You consider begging him not to go because your relationship is so important. He momentarily considers not moving because the connection you share is so important to him. But he has to move, this is his livelihood and his job; and it is not appropriate for you to offer to support him (that is probably your life lesson in all this anyway – remember soulmate relationships come with life lessons).


Now you have to stop and consider for a moment. The two of you met, more than likely under strange circumstances, you were not really that physically attracted to each other in the beginning (but there was just something about him) but when you are together you are firing on all pistons, connecting body, mind and soul. You have planned your future together, you have talked about having children together, you know everything about each other and just KNOW that you are the ONE for each other. So what he moves? This does not mean it is the end of the road, just that the dynamic of the relationship will probably have to change for a while.


Callers have asked us “Well if he moves away won’t he forget about me?” Probably NOT. “Well if he moves away and loses my number and does not know how to reach me then I will probably never hear from him again”. Really? Well lets look at your situation and find out if that truly is the case. If you are supposed to be together, come hell or high water, no matter how long… and no matter how far… soulmate relationships will be together.


We leave you with this — the ultimate soulmate relationship – Daniel Day Lewis telling Madeleine Stowe that HE WILL FIND HER — and just think he did it without the internet!


Where is My Soulmate?

Have you ever wondered… where is my soulmate!! When I was a little girl, I used to read fairy tales and watch all the Disney moves. “Cinderella”, “Snow White” and “Sleeping Beauty” filled my head with fantasies about being a princess and would fall asleep dreaming that “Someday My Prince Will Come”. I used to think that one day I would grow up and get married to my handsome prince. Back then getting married to someone you loved and shared common ground with was a basis for a great relationship. Strangely this no longer seems to be the case.


finding soulmate

Where is My Soulmate?

Today it seems that the handsome prince has been replaced by the soulmate. Everyone wants to find and be in a relationship with their soulmate. They want to know if the person they are currently in a relationship with is their soulmate and if not, how and when will they meet their soulmate. It seems for the most part, that people feel incomplete without their soulmate, yearning for them, longing to meet them, be with them, unite with them. Soulmate energies are like two magnets, with the energy of each pulling toward the other. Across time and space, no matter how far or how long, soulmates can and will find each other. When you are in a soulmate relationship, the souls urge to merge. No matter how long, no matter how far you have to travel – you are destined to meet and be in each others lives for a while or for a lifetime.


How do you know if the person you are currently dating, or in a relationship with, is your soulmate? A soulmate is someone you feel drawn to, deeply connected to, a part of, a perfect match for, in a deeper way than physically or superficially. When you are in a soulmate relationship you will connect on the physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual levels with your soulmate partner. You will share each others thoughts and complete each others sentences. People who know you may even insist the two of you share a brain.


Soulmate relationships also bring with them intense life lessons, so you can bet that when you meet someone with who you feel a strong cosmic shift that it will be one helluva ride. There will be karma to work out from past lives and past relationships you had with this soulmate. Things will be wonderful, there will be lots of passion, great conversations and talking all night long. You will spend a lot of time together, do fun things together and bask in the glow of the love you have for each other. And then… just like for Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, the life lessons will come and you will each have to go through them either together but more than likely individually.


Now instead of humming “Some Day my Prince Will Come”, I supposed little girls everywhere will be humming, “Some day my Soulmate will Come”.


Are you currently in a soulmate relationship? Do you wonder if you will ever find your soulmate? Do you wonder how and when you will meet your soulmate? A soulmate reading with Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise will be able to steer you in the right direction of identifying your soulmate relationship. Sarah and Sophia are both 5-star love psychics and relationship life coaches who are here to steer you on the path to meeting and keeping your soulmate!


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