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Do You put Your Soulmate Relationship Under a Microscope?

So many people seem to put their soulmate relationship under a microscope. When you put a relationship of any kind under a microscope it can actually put a choke hold on the energy of the relationship from moving forward. Is it really necessary to over analyze and obsess over every single action or word that comes from your romantic partner? Where does this need to closely examine your relationship come from?


We all must certainly understand by now that a soulmate relationship does have a certain amount of destiny or fate attached to it. If it is truly a soulmate relationship, as opposed to a mundane one, it has been orchestrated by greater powers than ourselves. The Universe, in their infinite wisdom, conspired and worked to bring you together, so would it not make sense to allow the Universe to work things out between the two of you, without you constantly obsessing over every little thing that occurs between you?


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Do You Put Your Soulmate Relationship Under a Microscope?

In a soulmate relationship there is a strong connection, and it seems that everyone we have spoken with wholeheartedly believes that. So if that connection is there, and the connection is strong, would it not make sense that it is strong enough to keep your relationship together and moving forward. On the flip side of that, if you are currently in a break or break-up from your soulmate or romantic partner, your belief in that connection should also be strong enough to allow you to believe that the Divine source will bring you back together. Daily obsession and over analyzing will only lead to your own personal misery.


When we put a soulmate relationship, or any other relationship, under a microscope, it shows the Universe that we have feelings of doubt, insecurity or lack of faith that things will work out. When we analyze everything our soulmate does or says, we are showing the powers  that be that we may not have faith in them. What exactly do we mean by analyze everything? Here are some examples:


  • My soulmate did not return my text last night, does this mean he is ending things with me?
  • My soulmate liked some random girl’s post on Facebook, is he attracted to her?
  • My soulmate forgot the anniversary of our first phone call, does he not love me anymore?
  • My soulmate quit taking cream in his coffee, what the hell is up with that?
  • When I try to talk about our connection, my soulmate gives me deer in the headlights look, is he not into me?
  • My soulmate quit wearing boxers and went to boxer briefs instead, who is he trying to impress?
  • We are currently taking a break, and I saw him favorite another girls tweet, are they dating?
  • When I logged into instant chat last night, he immediately logged off, is he avoiding me?


Yes, these are silly examples, but they are there to drive the point home. By constantly analyzing everything, you put yourself in a state of obsession and constantly obsessing about your relationship is pushing negative energy at it. It creates doubt. It creates fear. It creates instability, not just in you, but also in the relationship. Sometimes there is absolutely no need for explanations into the actions your romantic partner takes. More often than not, their actions mean nothing. It is only your over analysis of them that turns them into something.


If you need help with your current soulmate relationship, Sarah and Sophia are here to help. Rather than constantly examining your relationship under the microscope, their detailed advice, guidance and psychic insights can provide answers you are seeking. They will not examine your relationship under the microscope, as that can become quite tedious. They will however, look at it from a higher perspective and allow you to understand the dynamics that are happening so you can stop obsessing and risk ruining the relationship.


You Think He is Your Soulmate but He has You in the Friend Zone

There are many soulmate relationships that will end up in the friend zone. It may be very frustrating for you that he only sees you as a friend because he can’t see how perfect you are together. You cannot believe he only wants to be friends or only sees you as a friend. He knows how well you get along, and how you can talk about anything. He has told you he feels closer to you than anyone else on earth. So then why won’t he pluck you out of the friend zone and make you his romantic partner?


You begin to wonder what else he needs to see or what else you can do to finally get out of the friend zone. You should be having a wonderful romance, yet you are stuck in his friend zone while he dates other women who are the complete opposite of you. He complains to you about his relationship disasters and dramas and you wonder if he is either blind or stupid. How can he not see what is right in front of him? How can he not know how perfect you both are for each other? Why didn’t he put the bimbos he has been dating in the friend zone instead of you? What is wrong with him?


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Does Your Soulmate Have you Stuck in the Friend Zone?

There may not be anything wrong with her per say. He may just think that the reason you two get along so great is because you are only friends. He may think that if you got out of the friend zone and began dating, it would be an epic fail. You have become so important to him that he couldn’t bear to lose the friendship you have. But remember, he may not always feel the same. He may get tired of seeking out (and finding) all the wrong girls for him and take a chance on you. There may be some growing up he needs to do or some lessons he needs to learn first. It is so hard to see your soulmate make one relationship mistake after the other and wait patiently for him in the friend zone. So how do you knock some sense into him? Is there a way to get him to see you and your relationship the way he should?


You have already won him over as a friend and there may be nothing you can do to show him he needs to switch your zone. Pouring out your heart and soul can actually push him further away. Sure, it can get you out of the friend zone, but you could wind up in the “dead zone” because now he is so uncomfortable he can’t deal with you even as a friend. You don’t want to push your luck and push him away. It might be best to find other ways to get his attention rather than with a sudden outburst of emotion. Do you hug each other? Try to do that a little more often. Physical contact may bring about a physical response will may then trigger thoughts and emotions. Touch him in ways that appear friendly, and allow for friendly ways of showing affection without going overboard. Let him see you being affectionate with someone else. Jealousy is another way to get someone to realize their true feelings. Just don’t go overboard because that too can backfire


There are too many people who couldn’t hold it in any longer and just unload all their feelings on their friend all at once. They were not prepared for the consequences and hurt feelings. They not only got to hear that their feelings are not reciprocated, but now the friendship has changed or is non-existent. So do you and the one you think is your soul mate have a chance of making this work on another level? Can you leap out of this friend zone and into the soulmate zone anytime soon?


Your patience has probably worn very thin at this point. You may have spent a lot of time searching for clues and for his innermost feelings but come up empty or more confused that ever. A soulmate psychic reading can inform you if you really are romantic soul mates. There are friend soul mates too, and YOU may be seeing this connection between you the wrong way. A soulmate psychic reading may show you that the friend zone is exactly where you should both be permanently. Soulmates teach us lessons, and yours could simply be to learn patience while he learns his lesson, because then you will be rewarded with being out of the friend zone for good.

Quality Time with Your Soulmate

Quality time is important for every relationship, even soul mates and twin flames. Quality time keeps soul mates from drifting apart and deepens their connection, with each other and with Spirit. People seem to believe that soul mates can withstand just about anything, which is not always true. Soul mate relationships come with their own unique set of challenges and obstacles and you will need to spend quality time with your soul mate to over come them.  In order to have a quality connection with a soul mate, you need to have some quality time with a soul mate. You can not just leave your soul mate relationship to rely on the connection alone. If you want to keep your soul mate bond a strong one, make sure to find some time for quality time.

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Do you spend quality time with your soul mate?


Quality time does not always create itself. We need to find time in our hectic lives for quality time with our soul mates. If you have time for everything else (and usually the things that wear you down) understand that you need that quality time to enhance not just your soul mate relationship but your life. The strength of the bond of soul mates can help you get through life’s daily challenges, just by making quality time for one another.


All relationships require maintenance to keep going. The more you give to a relationship, in a positive way, the more you strengthen that relationship. If you and your soul mate only spend time talking about bills, complaining about the stress of work, the kids, your neighbors and your careers, the only thing you are putting into your soul mate relationship is negativity!! How can you expect to have a good relationship if the quality of time you spend together in negative? You cannot. That is why you must make sure to make quality time in your soul mate relationship and make that time sacred and a priority.


Create rules if you have to, like no negative conversations during your quality time with your soul mate. Make specific days of the week your quality time together. Not just off doing your own thing or doing house work on the weekends apart. Use that time to work together as a team and you can make any time quality time with your soul mate. Just like you and your soul mate could have quality time at a candlelight dinner, you can have quality time raking the leaves together.


If you are putting your best into your work, your home, your role as a parent, friend or family member, do not forget to put your best into your relationship with your soul mate. Isn’t your relationship with your soul mate as important as your job? Isn’t it as important as your friends, family, and activities are? Well then why aren’t you giving your relationship with your soul mate the quality time it deserves? If the quality of your soul mate relationship is going down hill, part of the reason may be that the quality time you used to spend together is now non existent or minimal at best. If you are having problems giving or receiving quality time with or from your soul mate, why not contact Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah for a soul mate psychic reading? A soul mate relationship is a gift, so before it becomes a curse, find out how to keep your soul mate relationship forging ahead in a positive way.

When Will I Meet My Soulmate?

When will I meet my soulmate? We hear that question so often. So many people want to know how they can find their soulmate, when they will find their soulmate and where they will find their soulmate. The best answer we can give to the “When will I meet my Soulmate?” question is…stop searching, stop looking and stop seeking. Do you remember the Buddhist proverbial quote, “When the Student is ready the Master will appear”? It is very similar with soulmates and soulmate relationships. When your soul is ready to meet, have a relationship and the lessons for personal growth and expansion that go with a soulmate relationship, the soulmate will come into your life. So basically when the soul is ready, your soulmate will come into your life.

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When Will I Meet My Soulmate?

So what exactly can you do to be ready to meet your soulmate? As previously mentioned in other posts, Is Life Incomplete Without Your Soulmate, the best way to meet your soulmate is to work on yourself. In working on yourself, either through meditation, personal therapy counseling, self-help books, personal growth seminars or studies, lectures, going to school or anything that causes the soul to expand and grow, you show the Universe (God, the angels, the archetypes, the Divine Source, Spirit) that you are ready to grow and evolve. When they see this, the likelihood of your soulmate entering your life increases exponentially.


When you are doing your own personal work, growing and evolving spiritually, as well as maybe intellectually and emotionally, you are creating the space for your soulmate to enter. If you life is cluttered with a too busy schedule, too many social obligations, too much work, gym time or volunteer work, you are sending the message out to the heavens that you are just too busy to work on yourself. Your life is too hectic for spiritual growth and you just don’t have the time to meet someone new, much less a soulmate to begin a soulmate relationship. De-clutter, de-stress, and focus on yourself and what you want in your life. If it is a relationship, great then put that out there to the universe. If it is a new car, then put that out there too. Heck I am have seen some guys get so overwhelmed with their new cars, you would think they were the soulmate relationship of their dreams.. but I digress.


Regardless of what a lot of people think, soulmate relationships are here to teach us about life and about love. More than likely unconditional love is the greatest life lesson soulmate relationships can bring to us. We must consider the ascended masters ( Jesus, Buddha, etc.) came to bring and teach unconditional love to the world and they had some major hardships to endure also. Likewise with your soulmate relationship. Now I am not indicating you will be tortured and killed, and certainly not equating your trials and tribulations to those of Jesus, but you will have to endure some difficulties in that soulmate relationship to assist you in becoming a better person. And some of those trials and tribulations will be difficult. If a soulmate relationship is to teach you about unconditional love, they have to be. And by the end of it, you might feel like you are dying. But remember it is about change, transformation and becoming a better person and greater soul.


Your soulmate is not someone you can seek. Your soulmate is not someone who will seek you. You probably will not find your soulmate if you are looking for him (or her). Soulmates come together by destiny or fate. Only by stopping the search, focusing on yourself and working on yourself will your soulmate materialize. That is the fastest, surest, easiest way for your soulmate to show up in your life. Focus on you. Take a class. Do a project. Learn to dance. Take Yoga. Meditate. Take several classes. But do something that will help with your own personal growth that will be beneficial for you even if it takes longer for your soulmate to appear. Do it for the right reasons. Do it for yourself. Go through the growth. Become the person you aspire to be and then the soulmate will appear during that journey of personal transformation. And with it, will come some lessons to help you grow and evolve more toward your perfection of understanding and experiencing the giving of unconditional love.


So many people have also asked us when they will met their soulmates. It is not really a question of linear time, however. You will meet your soulmate when your soul is ready to meet, really according to divine timing, so to speak. You are brought together by fate and destiny to fulfill an agreement the two of you made, or contracted with each other, before you were born. That soulmate contract stands and you will meet in this life time in order to meet and achieve some personal goals and agendas you setup for yourself, as well as the goals and agendas your soulmate defined for themselves. This is what it is all about. Can your meeting be delayed? Sure. One of you could exercise your free will and make a choice or life decision that could delay your meeting but there is a certain binding to a soulmate contract that indicates you will meet during this lifetime.


Are you looking for your soulmate ? Do you long to meet them or want to know if you will meet them during your lifetime? Are you asking yourself “When will I meet my soulmate?” A soulmate reading with Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise can answer all kinds of questions related to your soulmate or twin flame relationship. Do you want to know what you must achieve or overcome so your soulmate can come into your life? Do you want to know what part of your own personal growth you might be missing that could be potentially causing the delay of the soulmate entering your life? What life lessons must you learn or what thing must you overcome so you can meet your soulmate? Sarah and Sophia are both 5-star relationship soulmate experts who can answer any of your questions regarding love, romance, relationships and soulmates.

Can Your Dysfunctional Relationship be Fixed?

Can you fix a dysfunctional relationship? Not all dysfunctional relationships need to stay broken. The first step is to recognize that you are in a dysfunctional relationship.


We are surprised by how many clients we speak to who believe they are in a normal relationship, when in fact, it is severely dysfunctional. If your relationship has gotten way out of hand, out of control, where their are no boundaries, no respect for the relationship or each other, it is a dysfunctional relationship. If you can’t have a simple discussion without it leading to an argument, if you can’t be heard no matter how many times you say the same thing, and if your relationship is making you miserable (even if it was great in the past) it is time to accept that you are in a dysfunctional relationship.


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Can Your Dysfunctional Relationship be Fixed?

Once you acknowledge you are in a dysfunctional relationship you need to see what you can do to turn it around. Forget about waiting for him to have a “lightbulb moment” or an epiphany of some sort. Some dysfunctional relationships cannot be saved. Period. No amount of time, energy, effort or tears will change the dynamics of some relationship, no matter how much you want to repair it. Some dysfunctional relationships may have been repaired at a certain point, but too much damage was done while both parties simply “hoped” things would change.


Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah will help you take control and turn your dysfunctional relationship around. We will determine if you are in a dysfunctional relationship, and what, if anything, can to be done to fix it. Instead of acting out, take action. If you want things to change in your relationship you have to take the first step.


To bring and end to your dysfunctional relationship you will need to:

  • Stop fighting with the one you love.
  • Stop letting resentments and hurt build and destroy the relationship you value so much.
  • Stop waiting for change to happen. Take control and begin to create change in your relationship.
  • Stop stooping to lower behaviors, and instead, empower yourself to get the relationship you want.
  • Stop holding on to a dysfunctional relationship that will never change. Let go and find the right relationship that you want and deserve.
  • Stop being treated like a doormat, taken for granted, or verbally abused.
  • Stop waiting for him to decide to commit, get him to commit if it is possible. If it isn’t, let go and move on to someone willing to commit.
  • Stop wondering when your relationship will go to the next level instead of staying stuck in a negative place. Find out how to move your relationship forward, or move on without it.


Just because you are in a soulmate or twin flame relationship you do not have to endure it if is becomes dysfunctional. So many times folks sacrifice their own personal happiness by staying in a dysfunctional relationship because they are with their soulmate. Some dysfunctional relationships can change for the better, and if yours is one of them, what are you waiting for? Haven’t you suffered enough?


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