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Soulmate Shock

Many people are shocked by the strong connection when they first encounter their soulmate. They are shocked by the emotions they feel for their soulmate because they have never experienced emotions like that before. They can even be shocked by the sexual experience they have with their soulmate. It doesn’t matter if they believed in soulmates beforehand. It doesn’t matter if they have been longing to meet their soulmate for years. You never know until you meet a soulmate what it really feels like. And for some, those thoughts and feelings are quite shocking. Many people react badly to soulmate shock, and the results of that shock can be devastating.


Soulmate Shock

Soulmate Shock

When soulmates first meet, the couple may react organically. They don’t think too much about what is happening, they go with the flow. Since the connection is there, the first stage can be straight out of a romance novel. Things are going great, they communicate beautifully and openly, and everyone is in a state of total bliss. They are shocked at how easy it is to talk to one another. They are shocked by how attracted they are to one another. They are shocked at how comfortable they feel around one another. They are shocked by how mind-blowing the sex is. They are shocked how similar they are. They are shocked by the way they feel about one another. Shocked in a good way.


But then the mind kicks in. Now they are shocked by the intense emotions. They shouldn’t feel this strongly so soon. They are shocked that they can’t stop thinking about their soulmate. Are they going insane? They never obsessed like this before, so why now? They are shocked that they opened up about their true feelings. Was that wise? Should they rein it in? They never spoke about their feeling like that before, it is as if they are becoming a different person. They feel they are losing control of themselves. They are shocked by how attracted they are to this person they just met. They wonder if it could all be just a physical thing, and not real. Should they see this person less, or stop seeing them all together? Now they are shocked in another way, in a bad way.


You would be surprised how often this happens. When the mind tries to make sense of emotions, or tries to control them, everything goes haywire. It cannot be explained with just logic. Feelings and logic are two different things all together. What you feel is not always logical. So when people try to make sense out of what they feel, they often find themselves even more confused. With that confusion often comes very bad decisions.

Most people feel as though they have gone a little crazy when they meet their soulmate. It’s easy to understand, especially if you have been through it yourself. We have been taught to control our emotions, actions, and our minds our whole lives. We are not allowed to let our emotions get out of control. So when soulmates meet and emotions spill over, some people feel the need to get a grip on them. You are supposed to welcome and enjoy the connection you have with your soulmate and all that comes with it. Once the shock wears off, you should feel blessed and thankful. Instead, many feel cursed, fearful and as if they have lost their minds.


Soulmate shock affects all people differently. You and your soulmate may have opposite ways of dealing with that shock. In time, you can get back on the same page, but in some cases, the shock never wears off.


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