Soul Connection versus Soulmate Relationship

soul connection

Throughout our lives we will realize we have a soul connection to many people. You can have a soul connection who is a friend, a co-worker, family member and of course romantic partner. A soul connection to a romantic partner however, does not automatically mean it is a soulmate relationship, although…

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Do You put Your Soulmate Relationship Under a Microscope?

So many people seem to put their soulmate relationship under a microscope. When you put a relationship of any kind under a microscope it can actually put a choke hold on the energy of the relationship from moving forward. Is it really necessary to over analyze and obsess over every…

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Could You and Your Soulmate be Opposites?

There is a saying that opposites attract, and that saying is very true even when it comes to soulmates. If you think about it, many are of the belief that their soulmate is their other half, so shouldn’t their other half actually be quite different? Since we are all a…

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Make Him Addicted to You!

Why do you want to make him addicted to you you? Either he is or he isn’t. Can you really “make” someone want to be with you, care for you, love you? Furthermore, can you make someone you believe is your soulmate, addicted to you? If they really are your…

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Is Life Incomplete Without Your Soulmate?

lost without your soulmate

Life without soulmates? How could even begin to imagine life without soulmates? The concept of soulmates emerged in Plato’s Symposium, so in theory the idea of everyone having another half of themselves has been around since ancient Greece. In the New Age however, it began to take on a more…

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