Top 10 Relationship Issues for Soulmates

Contrary to popular belief, soulmates face a lot of relationship issues. In the real world, the Universe, or fate, does not step in to ensure a couple will stay together. That only happens in chick-flicks. Soulmates are not in our lives for a perfect romantic relationship. Soulmates are in our lives to provide personal growth and life lessons. Many people, who are involved with soulmates, are often surprised by the number of issues, problems and obstacles they encounter with their relationship. Based on our experience, we have compiled a list of issues soulmates need to be aware of when in a soulmate relationship.



1. Bad timing. Many soulmates have to deal with bad timing. If one or both partners are involved in other relationships when they meet, a bad timing issue is present. Another could be that the soul mates meet but one has to move across the country for work or family crisis. The time apart can be very challenging for one or both soulmates, and is a time that lessons emerge. We have to remember that we designed it before we were born, for a reason. That reason is the life lessons that come with the challenge.


2. Bad behavior. Soulmates are not always on their best behavior. As a matter of fact, it is usually quite opposite. For example, one or both soulmates could have an addiction to drugs, sex or alcohol. They could exhibit signs they only know how to be in dysfunctional relationships. There could also be self-destructive behavior or bad behavior stemming from unresolved past issues. In order for the relationship to grow and evolve, each of the soulmates will need to evolve and change.


3. Denial. When a connection between soulmates is too intense for one or both to handle, denial comes in handy. They can and will do everything they can to disprove the connection exists. When this occurs they can actually block all contact with their soulmate. In their minds it is somehow easier to deny the connection rather than accept and the soulmate relationship. This is a difficult issue to deal with because you will still very much feel that open soulmate connection. But the other soulmate does not mirror it back but tucks it away and refuses to acknowledge it.


Top 10 Relationship Issues for Soulmates

Top 10 Relationship Issues for Soulmates

4. Disappearing acts. Soulmates are very good at disappearing and can actually do so quite frequently. Soulmates can disappear, and reappear, many times during the length of a soulmate connection. The real key here is to understand why it is happening but also how you manage yourself during the disappearing acts. When a soulmate is missing in action for weeks or months at a time it can be quite frustrating. When it happens again and again, it can destroy the connection between soulmates once and for all.


5. Love triangles. Quite often soulmates have a problem with interference from another man or woman. It could be a previous relationship that has not fully resolved, or a new relationship that creates a diversion from dealing with a soulmate relationship. There are many scenarios involving soulmates and love triangles. Unfortunately the damage done to soulmate relationships through love triangles can be astronomical.


6. Moving too fast. Often soulmates feel they have known each other forever, and feel comfortable very quickly. The soul level recognition between you creates that comfort and familiarity. Additionally, the sparks are flying and you want to feel and experience the connection as much as possible. Because of this, it is quite easy for relationships to develop way too quickly and move too fast. What was speeding along at 90 miles an hour can slow to a screeching halt at any moment. It can be very difficult for the intense emotions and connection to match the logical amount of time the couple has been together. This adjustment can cause major issues. One of the soulmates will slow down the connection in order to focus on normal life stuff. The other feels this subtle shift in energy, and can often panic and feel the relationship is coming to an end.


7. The highest highs and the lowest lows. Soulmates seem to feel and experience everything to the extreme. The good times are fantastic and the bad times are bloody awful. When things are going great and the connection is flowing, you feel as if you are on top of the world. When things are not flowing well between soulmates, you can become depressed, despondent, lazy, irresponsible, indolent and even manic. It is very important you find another outlet when things are low between soulmates and maintain a level of accountability for your life.


8. Fear. Some people, mostly the guys out there, are terrified by the overwhelming emotion in a soulmate connection. Soulmates must face their fears, as part of their soulmate contract. But what exactly is there to fear from a soulmate connection? Some soulmates fear a loss of control, fear trusting someone with their heart, fear the responsibility of being in a relationship, fear being accountable their soulmate partner,  etc. These may not be fears to you, but to them they are very real. When soulmates are unable to face those fears, they can either run or deny the soulmate connection.


9. Unrealistic expectations. Many soulmates believe a soulmate is here for the duration and that they will stay together regardless of how they behave. They may believe they can do anything, or say anything, without affecting their soulmate relationship. They may even think it gives them carte blanche for screwing up. Nothing could be further from the truth. Not all soulmates stay together, and if you keep testing your connection, your soulmate may walk away for good.


10. Accepting unacceptable behavior. Because of the strong emotional and often empathic connection, soulmates can lose any semblance of reason or logic. You may find yourself tolerating behavior from a soulmate that you would NEVER tolerate from any person on earth. These behaviors can include, cheating, drinking, drug abuse, gambling and physical or emotional abuse.  If you don’t tolerate this behavior from anyone else, how could you tolerate it from your soulmate? What is the lesson here?  This will make for a highly dysfunctional relationship and one you would be ultimately very miserable in.



Sarah and Sophia are able to understand the hidden complexities, issues and concerns affecting soulmate relationships. If you are experiencing issues with your soulmate, Sarah and Sophia can guide you on what needs to be addressed to give your soulmate relationship a better chance of working out long-term.

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  1. I suspect my recently ex bf is my soulmate,when we first met he was someone i just couldnt stand him around me i never knew why it was time passed he became my bestfriend and than my only night i had a dream i was in this old masion and outside people where hammering on the door,all of them where dressed in diffrent timeline clothing.from anciet warriors to the 50s .i opend the door and they said get out give us back the house and we will go.i was scared and then my friend came out from the crowd dressed in poorly old 50s clothing,he ran to me and held them back kissed me and told me not to worry..that dream confused me.a few months later we became a 4years later we have 2 kids one on the way and a little girl. I have never experienced so much emotion in a was too intense.when we fight its explosive and a minute later we will make up and all is i told him he has to go i just couldnt take fights and push and pull we have.hes in a rebound relationship now and im 6months pregnant.when i dont see him ill sense his presence around me,its like a ghost figure who keeps reaching out.hes everywhere around me,i love him so much and i think our issues drove us apart now his gone and i wish i never let him go but i trust our love will pull us through this,he is an aries and im a cancer i know what astrology says about us isnt good but god wouldnt give me a guy who gives me 2 kids when i couldnt get children in the first place..

  2. Vishw Jyoti Prakash

    What’s a twin flame?

  3. Vishw Jyoti Prakash

    Can we attract our twin flame?

  4. Hi I recently met a guy who I originally saw walking past my apartment and he was a head turner and knew I liked him at first sight. I then strangely met the same person in my apartment and they happened to live there. We started chatting and I felt a really strong instant connection, it was weird. I forgot everyone else in the room and found myself chatting away. I felt really comfortable with him and now love seeing him. We talk most days, but as things have progressed it seems that we are more than friends, but I think he is in denial about the situation. I can tell how he feels from his body language. It is weird as I have been going through a lot of spiritual progress recently and I know I don’t express myself in matters of the heart and this is becoming a problem ( for example I am experiencing the same problems over and over again (I pick men who can’t commit and also at work I have problems with lady bosses) This guy doesn’t seem to be able to express his feelings too and is also scared of relationships and in many ways I think he may be mirroring me. I feel from him I am learning about myself. I now don’t know what to do as I feel as if I am losing him. I know he likes me but is not prepared to commit to me, or maybe he is waiting for me to say, maybe we are the same. I am scared that he won’t be in my life anymore and I will be in pain. What should I do? Thanks. 🙂

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  5. Caroline de Jong

    Very nice to read. You can sent me information about soulmates by e mail please.

  6. Good day 🙂 I met my twin flame 3 years ago but its been a very tough relationship. We’ve both had instant soulmate recognition but she doesn’t believe in all the soul mate stuff. Its been so intense that we haven’t even been able to communicate because of our very conservative family. Now she doesn’t even talk to me much and I can’t resolve what the issue is. Any help for me?

  7. I met my soul mate about 24 years ago, we were together for about 22 years. Two years ago he left to go live with his sister, because he was dying of a Hunington dieses. I have not heard from him since, but I feel his presence on a dalily bases. Can’t sleep , eat, consentrate. Fell that he using my energy to stay alive. I feel lost

  8. Hi Sarah and Sophia my name is Jaime Lynn and me and my soulmate are having some serious problems I don’t know what to do or where to turn but the thought of losing him over all of it makes me literally physically sick. Please please help me I don’t know where else to turn. Thank you both so much

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  9. Found and Lost, for now.

    I thought it was infatuation. When we first met, something in my mind sat up and took notice. I thought “Wow, he’s really good looking.” But his appearance is not the type I normally find attractive. We introduced ourselves, and I learned because of my job and his job I found we could mutually help each other and it gave me an excuse to keep in contact with him and before we parted from that first meeting, I asked for his number. As a link to my job opportunity, he was valuable and accommodating, but there were always enjoyable exchanges not associated with work at all. Over the first two weeks, calls and texts were all about going somewhere. These meetings were without any physical contact but his presence was calming and intensely stimulating at the same time. Conversations were easy, even on complex subjects, the level of fascination I experienced increased exponentially. I was thinking I would like to date him. Toward the end of the second week of our acquaintance, I was going to bring up the subject of dating. We were planning to go somewhere when he called to tell me had a family emergency, he had to make an international flight, and he couldn’t meet. He left and I didn’t hear from him for over a month. I admit I thought about him. During that time I allowed myself about a week to hear back. Nothing. So I thought, “well … win some, lose some.” I exerted a lot of mental energy but I made myself stop thinking about him. I walked, read, distracted my mind in my downtime. Sometimes, when I would sleep, he would appear. Sometimes just watching, sometimes speaking to me. These dreams bothered me, but I just told myself, “it’s not real” and carried on with my life outline and pursued my work goals. The dreams continued, but I stubbornly refused to acknowledge any meaning attached to them.
    Then one night, after clocking out from work, he contacts me after so many days of silence “How are you?”
    I was genuinely overjoyed and excited to hear from him again. The next day we talked a little, went for coffee. He suggested going for breakfast the next day, I agreed.
    The next day was an exercise in removing layers.
    We determined that we’re very attracted to each other, neither of us denies it.
    “I really like you.” He said.
    “What if I said I like you?”
    “Since when did you like me?” he asks.
    “Since the moment I saw you.” He seemed a little stunned.
    “I can not lie to you.” And proceeded to inform me of his situation. I reciprocated.
    He’s married, with a child. I am married but separated, with one dependent child and one child grown to adulthood, and trying to get a divorce.
    His religion allows polygamy. He did ask me to marry him on finalizing my divorce. My religion has precedent for this, but I know of no current practice of it. I am uncertain how this arrangement would affect me. So I tell him I am so attracted to him, but it’s “better not to start anything.”
    There’s a moment on that day, when we almost, but change our decisions at the last minute, but I can feel his utter confusion. Although I am trying to be positive about our interest not going anywhere, I suspect he can feel my disappointment. He asks me not to be angry. Forgive him. He said he doesn’t think he can contact me again, while he hugged me tightly. I ask him to leave and he does.
    Although I asked him to leave, I just had extreme regret. I text, not even daily, just an occasional thought. About two weeks later, he texts “I’m outside, take a drive with me.”
    More layers fell away while we talked. I still see him and hear him in that moment.
    It’s like he knows me better than I know myself.
    “You love me?” He asked but it was also a statement. (I remember thinking, who falls in love with just this? I did have doubts about what I was feeling.) I thought about it and answered, “I think I’m infatuated.”
    “You’re going to leave me?” It’s not just a question either. It is also a statement of fact. It is also filled with incredulity. I silently nod.
    “You’re going to forget me?” This is a quiet question, it is also a mournful protest . I shake my head.
    He took my hand and sat quietly for a while. There’s affinity, reassurance, strength, and desire. Waves and waves of it. There’s also sadness, counterpoints to every other emotion. How does someone communicate these feelings through touch? “I want to take you somewhere and just look in your eyes. I want to go everywhere with you.”
    “Where do you want to take me?” he referenced the places we’d had conversations about, places I wanted to visit or live in.
    “I want to do everything with you.”
    “What do you want to do with me?” Again references to discussions about things we liked doing, things we wanted to do.
    “But I can not leave my wife.” I hadn’t asked him to. I nod. I do understand. He feels himself accountable to her. Although, it is permissible for him to have another wife, divorcing a wife can not be done without grounds. He understands that even once I get divorced, I would need time to prepare myself, in order to involve myself into that kind of marriage. If I can bring myself to accept it. I do not know.
    “Can you make time for me tomorrow?” I look at him, really look at him. I answer simply,
    The next day. Due to personal feelings and the meanings attached, I can not detail the physical acts, just know that there were. Also, more than that, was so much more. Mind, heart, spirit, body. He was and is someone who shared something so profound with me I can not put it into words clearly if at all. When he departed, I seriously considered permanently relocating to the city where I was temporarily employed, although it would mean a great loss of income. I considered telling my family, friends, and acquaintances, it didn’t matter how they felt about my relationship, I was going to marry him. At this point, there were very few people who were even aware that I had been seeing someone. The experience was important to me. Before there were any more conversations, there was a text. Him telling me we should just remain friends. I was not confused. I was free. Free to move on if I wanted or needed to. I have. But seemed, he also wanted to hear from me.
    It has taken me over a month to come to grips with the loss and just reverting to my previous life plan, there are many things I honestly want for myself in the goals I set for myself. Initially, I had refrained from any contact whatsoever, I didn’t call or text. I avoided certain places. I have since relocated and will relocate again, I am thousands of miles away. During the day I carry-on, like I always have. During the night I feel like I am living another life. Sometimes I have dreams where he is present. Sometimes I can see he is sad. Sometimes I feel he is angry. Sometimes I know he is frustrated. Sometimes he is holding his face pressed to my face. I have had dreams where he is laying beside me or holding my hand. I have tentatively started to send texts, here and there, about thought, activities or experiences I encounter. I suspect our bond would be maintained even without my occasional updates to reassure him.
    I am not a foolish person, though I may sound like one if you are reading this. I am caring, honest, personable, educated, goal-oriented, professional…I want love, happiness, comfort, a decent measure of wealth, and success. I no longer question the connection exists, but I no longer know if it there will be an option to begin (resume?) a love relationship later or ever. At this point, I really have to do some self exploration and development. I also think this period of time, is a test. Also, I am genuinely determined that I clear away the obstacles that limited my interactions with this wonderful person and become ready for a future encounters. My curiosity about my experience sent me searching for information on soulmates as I had suspected he may be my soulmate, but since reading your articles, I have been made aware that it may be someone else entirely.

  10. Mine is the soulmate triangle. I said I loved him he panicked and 2 days later he he says he met someone and now they are together! He can’t face me and carry on this relationship with her so he hides, pops up to check I’m still there and hides again. I wonder when he’ll find his courage.

  11. Very good read. It is exactly what is happening between me and my soulmate/twin flame.

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