Synchronicity and Soulmate Connections

A synchronicity occurs when one of life’s little meaningful coincidences that are placed in your path. I remember once I needed to find someone to come and repair a few shingles on my roof. I had no idea who to call. While driving I had to stop at an intersection and stopped just to my right was a truck with an advertising magnet on the side with the name and phone number of an independent contractor who did roof repair. I just smiled, grabbed my phone and stored the number, grateful that what I needed was placed in my path. When we are aware enough to see them, we see our lives are filled with meaningful coincidences, or synchronicity, we have created in the spiritual realm to manifest in the physical.


soulmate connections and synchronicity

Synchronicity and Soulmate Connections

A synchronicity is created when people, places or events are brought into our lives to help us evolve. A synchronicity can highlight something going on in your life where you may need assistance. And I needed help with my roof and I trusted that they Universe people put the right person in my path at the right time. He fixed the roof for a reasonable rate and I have never had a problem with it. Was he a soulmate? No. He was just placed in my path at the right time to take care of a need I had expressed to the Universe and the delivered.


There are times though when someone could confuse a synchronicity or as a soulmate relationship. For example, lets say you meet someone who really touches your soul. You have a lot in common, like the same music and have some other things unique to your relationship. This person is in and out of your life like one giant boomerang. There is no contact for a year or so, then BAM! you cross paths again at Starbucks, the grocery store, the local flea market, or wherever.


This person seems to keep coming back into your life over and over again. You being to feel a destiny with them, of course you would, because they keep coming back like a bad weed in the garden.   But is this a soulmate relationship? Or just one synchronicity after another to keep you stuck on the karma wheel? More than likely it is just a string of meetings brought together by synchronicity. Your paths keep crossing because you do have something to resolve with this person who keeps disappearing from your life. Do you let them cross your boundaries when they reappear in your life? Are you so happy to see them you ignore the fact they disappeared numerous times without reason, explanation or closure? If so, perhaps it is time to shut the roller coaster down. Perhaps the reason they keep reappearing is because you have allowed them but the lesson is to shut the door once and for all so you can grow and evolve in a new direction and make yourself truly available for a soulmate relationship to enter your life.


For example – you meet someone who interests you and touches your soul. Through synchronicity – that person seems to come into your life over and over again.  You begin to feel a destiny with that person. You begin to think with your heart instead of your head as you imagine a connection to them because you keep crossing paths. You connect with that person on some level, certainly, but not at the soulmate level, even though there is karma there. There is a karmic lesson to be realized certainly but not one that will involve your heart, mind and soul to the depth a soulmate life lesson will.


In some cases the karma between the two people is positive – but in many cases you have attracted that person into your life for a learning lesson whether you are aware of it or not. You may not have a soulmate contract or soulmate agreement with that person, and therefore not officially soulmates, but you have them in your life for a reason.



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  2. Hello, I was engaged 6 months ago, but I broke up with my fiancee because he never kept his promises, didn’t show any affection towards me. The night when his mother proposed to me for her so, my heart told me to say no, my heart told me that he isn’t the “one ” my heart told me his intentions weren’t pure, that he had an intention…. And my heart was right…. Now I know what that was. He wanted to use m to come to Uk. I didn’t feel any attractions towards him, but I somehow felt like he was meant to teach me a life lesson about myself. We’re both introvert, and similar in more other ways. But my heart somehow tells m that he still isn’t the one.. Now in my class there’s a guy called hossain Shah, same as my fiancee, I had a strange feeling in my heart .. I recently saw some guys who had similar looks like my fianc.
    Some time back, recently, I was at my it centre in college, when a guy called his friend who stood behind me. His name was “Hossain ” Same as my fiancee. I felt something in my heart again , but don’t know if I’m just imaging this, or the universe is playing also a trick on me. Or am I meant to learn a lesson from him? Are we reall soulmates? Will we reunite or were we just meant to learn lessons from each other??

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  3. I have a few questions. . I got out a relationship with someone and I don’t know why I felt the urge to sign up to a dating site I lost Intrest in years ago.. so I sign up again. And have this person Constantly send me messages I don’t know I just decided to answer him one day and we instantly connected . We exchanged numbers and texted for days until we met . It was amazing. He bought me flowers. And not only that. I have been listening to ” until your back here baby ” by bb mak . That same night while we where eating the song played. I thought it was strange . Through out the days .. I started realizing that every time he texted me it’s like I felt it was coming I would upon up his text and his new message would come in.

    I also began seeing alot of 11:11 and 1:11 is his a sign he’s my soul mate ?

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  4. Iam so confused! Ive been dealing with this feeling of exteme love , visions, dreams, just knowing our love, feelinf him around me out of the blue even when iam not thinking of him. But the last time I’ve seen him was 10 years ago! Why after 10 years am i expireincing him daily?

  5. Hi, um. I’ve never done this before but I have SO MANY questions. See I feel as tho I’ve fallen for both individuals. Every time I make the decision to be with one, I get a message from the other. It’s been driving me mad because I have no idea which to choose and my minds eye has been throbbing like mad. I’ve asked a multitude of people and have yet to make a decision. Please help? I’m just afraid of wasting their time and I don’t want to hurt either of them because I deeply care for both. And I already feel out of both of their leagues. Thank you.

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  6. Hi My name is Stefanie and I was just wondering why I keep on hearing my husband’s name? We are separated…Thanks

  7. Dated ( 2) and talked to (2) men with the same names and BLUE eye colors, MICHAEL 😬 First one was 27 years when I met 10 years ago, second was 13 years ago then me, Third was 13 year younger then me, Fourth is 27 years old and is almost 10 years younger the me which unfortunately broke up with me 2 days ago, I went out tonight and out of all the people I talk too End up talking to 2 men which happen to both be MICHAEL with BLUE eyes… How strange is this!?! Is this a sign of something? RUN! I felt uneasy and had to dismissed myself even though they seem to be nice men, I told them that the only way I’ll hang around is if I call them by there MIDDLE name LOL Please help

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