Dealing with Soulmate Rejection

Dealing with soulmate rejection is one of the hardest relationship issues a soulmate can face. No one likes to experience feelings of rejection, but when it comes to a soulmate, it is excruciatingly difficult. You know how good things could be and how happy you both could be.

You know there is no good reason for your soulmate to reject you, and this relationship, since it is a once in a lifetime opportunity. It makes no sense why your soulmate would walk away from someone they said they love more than any other person in their life. You know the feelings were real, the connection was real, and you know it was mutual. Some of you have waited so long to find your soulmate, while some of you didn’t even believe they existed until you met yours. But it defies logic that when someone finds their soulmate, that they would reject them.

Dealing with Soulmate Rejection

Dealing with Soulmate Rejection

Well, emotions are not logical, they are actually illogical. That is why we often develop feelings for the wrong people. When we react emotionally rather than logically, our decisions usually stink and the consequences are usually dire. It is rare that an emotional decision has the best outcome, unless you are following your gut, which is more instinct than emotion.

If you are dealing with soulmate rejection, stop looking for a logical reason why this happened. Your soulmate didn’t reject you for a logical reason, they did so for an emotional reason. And those reasons may not make sense to you at all. Try not to react emotionally to what your soulmate has said or done. If you do, you are making the same mistake they are, which is not a good idea. Try and act and think more logically.

If they pushed you away, for instance, telling you out of the blue the relationship is over, then focus on keeping your dignity. You know what they are doing is stupid. Trying to talk to them, reason with them or plead with them at the moment would not be a logical idea would it? No. They are acting out, and it is not wise to try to have a sane conversation with them right now. You need to wait for them to come back to earth and calm the hell down before you can get anywhere with them.

And how will you know when that will be? The logical answer is when they come to you. Not the emotional answers springing from your insecurity. Just because your emotions are telling you to contact them before it is too late does not mean you should act on those emotions. If a child were having a temper tantrum it would not be wise to try to talk sense to them. You know you have to let them get it out of their system or you will be wasting your breath. It is the same for adults. So, when you are dealing with soulmate rejection, get your emotions in check, and deal with it with logic instead.

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