When is it Time to Let Go of a Bad Relationship?

Do you know when it is the right time to let go of a bad relationship? When should you throw in the towel on the one you love? When should you give up on a relationship that has gone terribly, terribly bad? When should you let go of the idea that one day you will have a relationship with a particular someone? Sometimes the wait is short for things to improve, change, or develop. Sometimes the wait can seem to take an eternity but the decision to wait for someone is a choice YOU make.  You, like everyone else, have free will.  Not every ex is coming back, not every relationship can rebuild, not everyone can and will change, and not everyone will want a relationship with you. There are some people who will not get the outcome they want. You may have no choice but to realize it is time to let go. If all relationships worked out, what would be the point of us all being here experiencing life lessons and spiritual growth?


Let Go of a Bad Relationship

Let Go of a Bad Relationship

There are some relationships that are just hopeless cases. They will just never work out. For these folks it is time to give up on the dream that they will get the relationship they want with the person they chose. They often resort to spell casters, psychics claiming to reunite lost lovers, psychics claiming they can stop divorce, and psychics who claim to be able to talk to the one you love and “work” on them to get you what you want. These clients often seek the “sunshine and light” readers who only give out good news. Everyone is coming back, everyone will get promoted, everyone will get the job they want, and everyone will have a wonderful relationship.


The “only good news” psychics are very dangerous, and the hopeless causes love them. They always feel better after paying to speak to a psychic willing to tell them fairy-tales to make them feel better. These fairytale ending psychics are not giving psychic advice, but enabling people to stay stuck in a hopeless situation. These psychics, because they only deliver good news are considered nice, friendly, accurate and supportive. They always make their victim feel better. But when their fairytale endings do not materialize and you don’t have the relationship you wanted and have spent a zillion dollars being told it will, they do not seem so nice anymore, do they?


Every psychic can be wrong once in a while, because only God is 100% accurate. We are referring to psychics who know damn well the client is desperate and the situation is hopeless, and are looking to use some kind words and fairy-tales to make big bucks. Because the clients situation is so desperate and hopeless, they will gladly read for them for a few hours on a daily basis.


But now what about your responsibility? There is some responsibility there too. Are you looking for a psychic reading to get the truth and some clarity, or are you looking for someone who will enable you (for a fee of course) to stick with your hopeless situation? We feel compassion for people who will only hear what they want to hear. These folks will not get what they want, but we must tell the truth as the reading shows it to be. YOU ultimately choose if you want to give up or hang in there. Patience is a virtue very few people have, so we understand.


It is not our responsibility to tell you when it is time to hold on, and when it is time to let go. That takes away your own responsibility from making the decisions you need to make for your life. Telling you it is time to let go would take away your own free will. Not all readers do that, and not all clients want the truth. What do you want? Do you want fairy-tales to keep you going a while longer until you run out of funds and have lost thousands of dollars on spells, candles and meditations while some shmuck pretends to talk to your loved one? Or do you want the truth so you can make the decisions you need to make to get on with your life, end a dysfunctional relationship and gain the personal power and empowerment you need for change.

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  1. Will I be happy?

  2. Hello now this great women I was dating for 3 years Tami Johnson she doesn’t want a relationship with me anymore and not even friends.. So what I would like to know is will anything good come out of this will her and I be friends and see what will happen between us in the present? So please help

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