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Types of Soulmates

We have received many emails as of late inquiring about the different types of soulmates. Clients have asked us during psychic readings what type of soulmate relationship they have. We found this question confusing because as far as we are concerned, a soulmate is a soulmate and not necessarily defined by a different type of connection. You can have a soulmate relationship with a pet, family member or friend. Not all soulmates are romantic relationships. These people wanted to know is what type of romantic soulmate relationship they had. They thought there were different types of romantic soulmate relationships.


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Types of Soulmates

Although to a certain degree that is true, there really are not different types of soulmates when it comes to romantic relationship. The couple defines their soulmate relationship and it really becomes what they make of it. It is not predestined. It is not out of their hands. They are given the gift of the soulmate connection to do with it what they please. They can use that gift to better their lives, and make changes and learn lessons. Or, they can use that connection to create complete chaos and learn nothing and make no changes. It is not pre-destined. It is not out of the soulmates control. They must take responsibility themselves for what becomes of their soulmate relationship and how it grows or fails.


For instance, one of the soulmates in a soulmate relationship may run and hide from the connection. They do everything possible to avoid the connection and their soulmate. They may even deny the reality of the soulmate relationship altogether. Is this predestined? Did the universe purposely put you in this soulmate situation just for you to learn something with no chance of success? No. The universe did not cause the person to run away, deny their feelings, or act like an idiot. It was up to the individual and they are responsible for their behavior. There is a chance for all soulmate relationships to work out. The universe does not set soulmates up in advance to fail and make you miserable, so stop blaming God. Just like every opportunity the universe brings to people, it is what the individual does with that opportunity that determines the outcome.


You may have found yourself in a soulmate relationship where your soulmate is making mistake after mistake. You may feel you are doing all you can but your soulmate is hell-bent on destroying your soulmate bond. Remember, your soulmate has the free will to screw up the unique gift the universe has offered them. But also consider they have the free will to turn things around just as easily. It just takes a the execution of a free will choice on their part. You may have to walk away from your soulmate or put distance between you until that time.


Not all soulmate relationships work out. But all soulmate relationships have a chance to work out. All it takes is two willing participants to make it work. We felt it was very important to bring some clarity to the confusion of soulmate types. There are many types of behaviors, connections and emotions that are similar to a lot of soulmate couples. Each soulmate couple is unique, but similarities between all soulmate couples do exist. We just wanted to explain that there is no type of soulmate that is destined to fail or succeed. The purpose of soulmates is to create change, and with that comes challenges and often drama. It is up to each individual if they create change, if they accept the challenges, and to keep the drama to a minimum.


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