Staying in Bad Soulmate Relationships

Staying in bad soulmate relationships in an attempt to improve things sounds like a good idea on the surface. It makes sense that when you find a rare connection you don’t want to let go, so you hang on for dear life. What doesn’t make sense is staying too long in a bad soulmate relationship and allowing it to be destroyed for good.

Soulmate relationships can fall apart very quickly, and go from bad to worse even without the intention of making things worse. Soulmate connections are strong connections and usually emotions take over. When your feelings dictate your behavior at heightened levels, bad things can happen. If your feelings are only coming from emotions like love, the soulmate relationship grows in a productive nurturing way. If heightened levels of negative emotions such as fear or insecurity are the ones in charge of behavior,  the soulmate relationship goes into a tailspin. At this place many soulmate connections could actually be bad for you.

Staying in Bad Soulmate Relationships

Staying in Bad Soulmate Relationships

Of course you love your soulmate and don’t want to lose them. We understand the connection and level of feelings you have towards one another. We understand why you would not want to give up on a bad soulmate relationship. We understand why you should have faith in your soulmate relationship and believe it could get better.

But we don’t understand why you choose to stay in a bad soulmate relationship just because you are soulmates. If you are going to stay, and put in the work, then do the best to make it work. What you think may be the right things to do or say to make your bad soulmate relationship better, may actually be driving it in the opposite direction.

If you are considering staying in a bad soulmate relationship, then please consider you are obviously doing something WRONG. You cannot be doing everything right if your relationship actually sucks and you are miserable. It is easy to see what your soulmate has done to make your relationship bad. What may be difficult. or impossible, for you to see is what YOU are doing wrong.

You cannot reasonably believe that you have not been handling your soulmate’s bad decisions and actions correctly, or they would not keep doing them. If you were, in most cases, your bad soulmate relationships would be getting better, not worse. Why do you think your soulmate can bail from your relationship but you cannot? It doesn’t mean you have to move on, it just means you have to move AWAY from the chaos until things calm down.

Sometimes couples need to work on their bad soulmate relationship together. Sometimes the only way to make it work is to take a break from it. What you both do during that break can actually turn your relationship around for the better. Staying is bad soulmate relationships may be the answer, but sometimes it is not. Sometimes you have to walk away from a bad situation in an effort to save it, and save yourself. A soulmate connection is not meant to destroy you, it is meant to elevate you.

Staying in bad soulmate relationships causes people to sink deeper and deeper into dysfunctional behavior. You need to take another stance. Perhaps your energy would be better placed on fixing yourself, and healing. Start with yourself. Put yourself first, regain your dignity and your strength, so you can really be a productive influence on your bad soulmate relationship.

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