Soulmate Inconsistency

Soulmate inconsistency is a common phenomenon in soulmate relationships. When soulmates first meet, the connection is immediate. The feelings are intense and there is a sense of recognition right away. You feel as though you have known each other longer than you have, and the emotions you experience are on a new level neither of you have encountered before.

All of those things remain consistent regardless of what is happening between the two. The inconsistency tends to be in the behaviors exhibited by soulmates and the often cruel things they can say. At first, soulmates are more often than not extremely open about their feelings and can talk for hours and hours about anything and everything. But at some point there is an inconsistency that crops up.

One soulmate can suddenly become a runner and the other did not see it coming. Or a soulmate who was so sure of the strength and depth of their feelings suddenly seems unsure. They may say things such as “I don’t feel the same way about you that you do about me”, “I am confused“, even “I don’t know how I feel”. So what happened? Why were they so consistent for so long and now have done a complete 180? The truth is, they didn’t.

Soulmate Inconsistency

Soulmate Inconsistency

Their feelings didn’t change. They are still the same. They feel the same way about you that you do about them. The problem is theirs to work through. The intensity of the emotions could be the cause of the inconsistency. It could be anything, because each soulmate journey is unique, and the lessons each soulmate needs to learn are as unique as all humans are. Don’t freak out if this happens in your soulmate relationship. It happens to almost every soulmate couple. What is most important is how you respond to your soulmates inconsistencies.

First of all, don’t feed into it. Don’t let soulmate inconsistency get the better of you. If you join them in their freak out, things will only get worse. Don’t focus on every stupid thing they say or do. What you need to do is not tolerate it. Don’t give them a pass just because they are your soulmate. Don’t lose your dignity and self-respect by begging and pleading and crying. Stand firm in what you know and what you feel and let them work it out for themselves. It is their lesson to learn, and you cannot learn it for them.

Don’t try to talk things out. You are not their shrink and they are only going to upset you and you will get no where. Just because your soulmate changed does not mean it is a permanent change. However, if you give in to the fear the inconsistency can cause you, things can change for the worse. You sure as heck don’t want that, so stand your ground and if they want space, give it to them. That can help them get their head screwed back on straight before any more damage is done.

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