Quality Time with Your Soulmate

Quality time is important for every relationship, even soul mates and twin flames. Quality time keeps soul mates from drifting apart and deepens their connection, with each other and with Spirit. People seem to believe that soul mates can withstand just about anything, which is not always true. Soul mate relationships come with their own unique set of challenges and obstacles and you will need to spend quality time with your soul mate to over come them.  In order to have a quality connection with a soul mate, you need to have some quality time with a soul mate. You can not just leave your soul mate relationship to rely on the connection alone. If you want to keep your soul mate bond a strong one, make sure to find some time for quality time.

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Do you spend quality time with your soul mate?


Quality time does not always create itself. We need to find time in our hectic lives for quality time with our soul mates. If you have time for everything else (and usually the things that wear you down) understand that you need that quality time to enhance not just your soul mate relationship but your life. The strength of the bond of soul mates can help you get through life’s daily challenges, just by making quality time for one another.


All relationships require maintenance to keep going. The more you give to a relationship, in a positive way, the more you strengthen that relationship. If you and your soul mate only spend time talking about bills, complaining about the stress of work, the kids, your neighbors and your careers, the only thing you are putting into your soul mate relationship is negativity!! How can you expect to have a good relationship if the quality of time you spend together in negative? You cannot. That is why you must make sure to make quality time in your soul mate relationship and make that time sacred and a priority.


Create rules if you have to, like no negative conversations during your quality time with your soul mate. Make specific days of the week your quality time together. Not just off doing your own thing or doing house work on the weekends apart. Use that time to work together as a team and you can make any time quality time with your soul mate. Just like you and your soul mate could have quality time at a candlelight dinner, you can have quality time raking the leaves together.


If you are putting your best into your work, your home, your role as a parent, friend or family member, do not forget to put your best into your relationship with your soul mate. Isn’t your relationship with your soul mate as important as your job? Isn’t it as important as your friends, family, and activities are? Well then why aren’t you giving your relationship with your soul mate the quality time it deserves? If the quality of your soul mate relationship is going down hill, part of the reason may be that the quality time you used to spend together is now non existent or minimal at best. If you are having problems giving or receiving quality time with or from your soul mate, why not contact Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah for a soul mate psychic reading? A soul mate relationship is a gift, so before it becomes a curse, find out how to keep your soul mate relationship forging ahead in a positive way.

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