Do You put Your Soulmate Relationship Under a Microscope?

So many people seem to put their soulmate relationship under a microscope. When you put a relationship of any kind under a microscope it can actually put a choke hold on the energy of the relationship from moving forward. Is it really necessary to over analyze and obsess over every single action or word that comes from your romantic partner? Where does this need to closely examine your relationship come from?


We all must certainly understand by now that a soulmate relationship does have a certain amount of destiny or fate attached to it. If it is truly a soulmate relationship, as opposed to a mundane one, it has been orchestrated by greater powers than ourselves. The Universe, in their infinite wisdom, conspired and worked to bring you together, so would it not make sense to allow the Universe to work things out between the two of you, without you constantly obsessing over every little thing that occurs between you?


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Do You Put Your Soulmate Relationship Under a Microscope?

In a soulmate relationship there is a strong connection, and it seems that everyone we have spoken with wholeheartedly believes that. So if that connection is there, and the connection is strong, would it not make sense that it is strong enough to keep your relationship together and moving forward. On the flip side of that, if you are currently in a break or break-up from your soulmate or romantic partner, your belief in that connection should also be strong enough to allow you to believe that the Divine source will bring you back together. Daily obsession and over analyzing will only lead to your own personal misery.


When we put a soulmate relationship, or any other relationship, under a microscope, it shows the Universe that we have feelings of doubt, insecurity or lack of faith that things will work out. When we analyze everything our soulmate does or says, we are showing the powers  that be that we may not have faith in them. What exactly do we mean by analyze everything? Here are some examples:


  • My soulmate did not return my text last night, does this mean he is ending things with me?
  • My soulmate liked some random girl’s post on Facebook, is he attracted to her?
  • My soulmate forgot the anniversary of our first phone call, does he not love me anymore?
  • My soulmate quit taking cream in his coffee, what the hell is up with that?
  • When I try to talk about our connection, my soulmate gives me deer in the headlights look, is he not into me?
  • My soulmate quit wearing boxers and went to boxer briefs instead, who is he trying to impress?
  • We are currently taking a break, and I saw him favorite another girls tweet, are they dating?
  • When I logged into instant chat last night, he immediately logged off, is he avoiding me?


Yes, these are silly examples, but they are there to drive the point home. By constantly analyzing everything, you put yourself in a state of obsession and constantly obsessing about your relationship is pushing negative energy at it. It creates doubt. It creates fear. It creates instability, not just in you, but also in the relationship. Sometimes there is absolutely no need for explanations into the actions your romantic partner takes. More often than not, their actions mean nothing. It is only your over analysis of them that turns them into something.


If you need help with your current soulmate relationship, Sarah and Sophia are here to help. Rather than constantly examining your relationship under the microscope, their detailed advice, guidance and psychic insights can provide answers you are seeking. They will not examine your relationship under the microscope, as that can become quite tedious. They will however, look at it from a higher perspective and allow you to understand the dynamics that are happening so you can stop obsessing and risk ruining the relationship.


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  1. I constantly over obsess the things my mother in law do and say. The truth is she can be quite hypocritical. And the rules she set up for others doesn’t apply to her one life. That said she is a wonderful person and I love her dearly. I just fin myself obsessing about every little detail she does wrong. I want to stop. I am driving myself and my partner mad. What can I do? Why do I do this?

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