Is Life Incomplete Without Your Soulmate?

Life without soulmates? How could even begin to imagine life without soulmates? The concept of soulmates emerged in Plato’s Symposium, so in theory the idea of everyone having another half of themselves has been around since ancient Greece. In the New Age however, it began to take on a more romantic undertone with the implication that we as humans will never be whole without our other half, or our soulmate. Many people feel if they don’t meet their soulmate that they must resign themselves to a life without joy, love or happiness. They feel that they will only find that happiness once they have found that soulmate. Union with the soulmate will release them from a lifetime of doom, gloom and misery. Isn’t that a very high expectation to place on someone?


lost without your soulmate

Are you lost without your soulmate?

From a personal spiritual growth perspective, the concept of being complete without your other half is the challenge of our lifetimes. To find your true romantic soulmate you have to be whole yourself. To be with your soulmate you need to be a complete person before a successful soulmate relationship can be defined. So essentially we are all stuck in a Catch-22. You want your soulmate to complete you, but you can’t find your soulmate because you are not whole as you are. So what is the solution? To work on yourself to become whole.


If you want your soulmate to appear in your life the best way to make that happen is to work on your own fears, phobias and insecurities. By now you will have already experienced a series of relationships, both good and bad. What did you learn from them? How did you handle the breakups? Did you wallow in misery attaching your happiness only to being with the person who ended your relationship? Or did you grieve a little, accept it and move on? Relationships, whether soulmate or not, are here to provide us valuable lesson, not only about relationships but about ourselves. We need to take what we learned from that relationship, assimilate it into the core of who we are, so that when it comes time for the next one, we will avoid the same mistakes.


If you are feeling lost because you have not found your soulmate, go out and have fun! Take classes, accept social invitations, learn to sail and do anything else that brings YOU joy. Do it for you, do it for yourself. Do the things that make YOU happy. Complete yourself! By shifting that thing within you that makes you feel incomplete and without wholeness, you will start filling in the gaps in your own energy so your soulmate can materialize. A potential soulmate partner will not be attracted to someone who is sad, melancholy or gloomy. When you are out and about walk with your head lifted and don’t stare at the floor. Smile and radiate confidence . Lift your energy and you will lift your vibration. In order for your true romantic soulmate to enter your life your vibrational energy needs to be high! Release any emotional baggage and other stuff tying you to the past, or a past relationship, that you have been carrying around with you. Let it go. Hauling that stuff around with you can make you weary.


When you are feeling happy, confident and complete, you stand a much greater chance of finding your soulmate. On their own, soulmate relationships come with major challenges and you will need to be at your BEST when you do find each other. Soulmate relationships are in our lives to teach us about ourselves through personal growth and spiritual lessons. You have to be ready to deal with what the Universe throws at you after you have met your soulmate so it is better to be in as whole as you can be when you find them.


Your soulmate really does not complete you, nor you them, in spite of what Tom Cruise said in “Jerry Maguire”. No one completes anyone. You need to be complete and whole on your own in order for your soulmate relationship to come into your life.


If you are wondering what is keeping you from meeting your soulmate, give Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise. They are both Relationship ~ Soulmate ~ Twinflame Experts. During a psychic reading with them you will be able to know and understand what is holding you back from meeting your soulmate. On the other hand, perhaps you are with your soulmate and you are currently in that space where there is soulmate conflict. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise are here to help you work through any those problems, give you real workable solutions and help you get to the other side so you can KEEP your soulmate in your life!

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  2. I had a dream last night and im almost certain he was my soul mate. I dont remember the whole dream but all i remember was us being together all the time and he was always kind, sweet and just perfect in general. He had short blonde hair, blue eyes, was tall and tanned (my type) .If i was laying with him or giving him a hug if felt so real, like i had really just hugged my dream guy. I could feel him, i knew he was there but when i did wake up from the best dream ever i realised it was a dream but it felt to real to just be a dream. I have had it in the past where i will have a dream about something and then in the near future the exact same thing that happened in my dream will happen in real life. I just really want my dream to be a sugn than the perfect guy is coming into my life soon.

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  3. If I was in an Astral plan dream in which my soul is meeting up with another soul in which I am deeply in love with and think of him as my soul mate, but we are no longer in a relationship does that mean that he is wondering and dreaming and wants to be together with me as well?

  4. If I was in an Astral plan dream in which my soul is meeting up with another soul in which I am deeply in love with and think of him as my soul mate, but we are no longer in a relationship does that mean that he is wondering and dreaming and wants to be together with me as well? I was just confused.

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