Kindred Spirits: Valuable Relationships in Our Lives

Have you ever wondered what the difference is between kindred spirits, soulmates and karmic relationships? You probably have some relationships or friendships, male and female alike, where you feel a certain close bond with someone. You share many of the same interests, styles, colors, favorites movies and hobbies. You have many of the same attitudes and opinions about things. You laugh together, smile together and probably even cry together. You connect on many topics of conversation. You have a bond and feel very comfortable and at ease being around them. More than likely you are close friends, even best friends and you have a lot to share with each other. You feel a close bond with them because you are kindred spirits.


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Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits are earthly defined relationships although there could definitely be a spiritual component to your relationship. Additionally there could be some karma to work out with a kindred spirit but these relationships are not as karmically heavy as soulmate or twinflame relationships. The connection with kindred spirits can certainly be deep, especially if you have a very close friendship with someone. But for the most part, kindred spirits are relationships we formed after birth, during our adolescence and adulthood as we navigated around the earthly plane meeting people with whom we click.


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