Can Your Dysfunctional Relationship be Fixed?

Can you fix a dysfunctional relationship? Not all dysfunctional relationships need to stay broken. The first step is to recognize that you are in a dysfunctional relationship.


We are surprised by how many clients we speak to who believe they are in a normal relationship, when in fact, it is severely dysfunctional. If your relationship has gotten way out of hand, out of control, where their are no boundaries, no respect for the relationship or each other, it is a dysfunctional relationship. If you can’t have a simple discussion without it leading to an argument, if you can’t be heard no matter how many times you say the same thing, and if your relationship is making you miserable (even if it was great in the past) it is time to accept that you are in a dysfunctional relationship.


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Can Your Dysfunctional Relationship be Fixed?

Once you acknowledge you are in a dysfunctional relationship you need to see what you can do to turn it around. Forget about waiting for him to have a “lightbulb moment” or an epiphany of some sort. Some dysfunctional relationships cannot be saved. Period. No amount of time, energy, effort or tears will change the dynamics of some relationship, no matter how much you want to repair it. Some dysfunctional relationships may have been repaired at a certain point, but too much damage was done while both parties simply “hoped” things would change.


Sophia Elise and Lady Sarah will help you take control and turn your dysfunctional relationship around. We will determine if you are in a dysfunctional relationship, and what, if anything, can to be done to fix it. Instead of acting out, take action. If you want things to change in your relationship you have to take the first step.


To bring and end to your dysfunctional relationship you will need to:

  • Stop fighting with the one you love.
  • Stop letting resentments and hurt build and destroy the relationship you value so much.
  • Stop waiting for change to happen. Take control and begin to create change in your relationship.
  • Stop stooping to lower behaviors, and instead, empower yourself to get the relationship you want.
  • Stop holding on to a dysfunctional relationship that will never change. Let go and find the right relationship that you want and deserve.
  • Stop being treated like a doormat, taken for granted, or verbally abused.
  • Stop waiting for him to decide to commit, get him to commit if it is possible. If it isn’t, let go and move on to someone willing to commit.
  • Stop wondering when your relationship will go to the next level instead of staying stuck in a negative place. Find out how to move your relationship forward, or move on without it.


Just because you are in a soulmate or twin flame relationship you do not have to endure it if is becomes dysfunctional. So many times folks sacrifice their own personal happiness by staying in a dysfunctional relationship because they are with their soulmate. Some dysfunctional relationships can change for the better, and if yours is one of them, what are you waiting for? Haven’t you suffered enough?

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  1. Sophia and Sarah know me better than I know myself. During a very dark time in my life, I knew exactly what I needed to do to turn things around. I will be forever grateful for their amazing knowledge, their indepth, innermost feelings, which was mind blowing. They knew me inside and our. They knew things about me only I knew. If you are like me and only want the best, you must contact Lady Sarah or Sophia Elise. They will amaze you with their knowledge, leaving you asking ~ how in the world did they know that?? Take my word for it they do. CM

  2. There is no such thing called a perfect relationship, I agree of what you have note here to bring an end of a dysfunctional relationship. Those phrases and words you enumerated are all true. STOP all those negative thoughts in mind, focus on what you have right now, be simply as you are, be happy, keep the love, if it really not fits then get out of the relationship, move out, then move on.. Don’t stock on things that won’t never work out.

    Thanks for sharing this article

    H. Campbell

  3. Dan beavington

    I want to work with someone who can tell if a relationship with someone I deeply love can be saved. Can you help me please?

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