When Soulmates Show Their Bad Side

Every one in the world has a good side and a bad side. You have seen you soulmate’s good side over and over but have you experienced their bad side? Of course they will present their good side to you when you first start seeing each other, but eventually you need to see the whole picture. Until your soulmate is stressed, angry or fighting with you their bad side may lay dormant.


When your soulmate finally exposes their bad side to you, and most certainly they will, it might come as a total shock. Up to this point, your soulmate has been so wonderful and experiencing their bad side could throw you totally off kilter. You ask yourself if it could just be stress, their job or financial issues? Nope, this is their bad side and how they deal with stress, their ex, money, or whatever.


You have to pay close attention. You will experience your soulmate’s bad side again. If you plan to stay together forever, their bad side is coming along for the ride. Think about it. You have a bad side. You don’t want to expose it, but you do; you can’t help it. Could you promise your soulmate they will never see that negative side of you again? You could, but you couldn’t keep it subdued. You can’t. Neither can your soulmate. So this bad side is part of your relationship.

Do Soulmates Have a Dark Side?

Do Soulmates Have a Bad Side?


You have to figure out how bad their bad side is and if you can live with it. If it is no worse that yours, accept it for what it is. Don’t take everything they say personally and certainly don’t analyze it to death.  When your bad side rears its ugly head you can say and do things you don’t mean. The same holds true for your soulmate so cut them some slack. Most likely, just like you, they may not even remember what they said. And, just like you, more often than not, they didn’t really mean it. When we are fighting, hurtful things come out of our mouths. Do we mean them? No. We may mean for our words to hurt, but that doesn’t mean they are the truth. We are not referring to verbal abuse, which is another thing all together, just harsh words or being snippy. Verbal abuse should never be tolerated.


Your soulmate’s bad side may include drinking too much, doing drugs, gambling or acting financially irresponsible. Those behaviors will certainly bring out their bad side. Until your soulmate stops those behaviors, they wont be able to keep their negativity  at bay. The more they participate in their negative activities, the more they will expose their darker side to you. Deal with those behaviors head on to minimizes any problems in your relationship. Their bad side won’t go away with the wave of a wand. They have to get it under control or your relationship will pay the price.


Moodiness can be a big part of someone’s bad side and that is very tough to deal with. Everyone gets moody sometimes because life is not all sunshine, rainbows and unicorns. Someone should not take out their moodiness on you however, just because they are your soulmate. You should not tolerate it if they go to far. Ideally they need to find someone else to take it out on, snap out of it or take a time out. No one is allowed to be moody for weeks on end so they need to either get professional help or snap the hell out of it. They need to change it and soon. It won’t get any better until that is worked on. Everyone is allowed to be in a bad mood now again but not the point that it has ridiculously become the norm.


Whatever your soulmate’s bad side is, you have to learn to understand it, accept that it exists and find a way for you both to deal with it to sustain your relationship.


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