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Destiny and Soulmate Relationships

Destiny and fate play important roles in our lives. Destiny affects our career, health, families, friends and our purpose in life. Destiny also plays a role  in our relationships. Destiny will put us on the path of meeting a soulmate or even create the space to reunite with a soulmate. But just how much destiny is willing to play a hand in our relationships varies from person to person. It is a misconception to believe that all soulmates are destined to stay together forever, treat each other right, or even allow the soulmate relationship to unfold.


Destiny can bring two soulmates together but, the Universe creates the space for the meeting to happen, but it is up to the two soulmate individuals to do something with that soulmate connection. For example, if you meet a potential soulmate but one of  you is in another relationship, the one currently attached to another is going to have to do some work to free themselves.  Destiny may  lend a hand in revealing how bad the other relationship is, opening their eyes to the reality of their situation, and encouraging them to leave. Destiny may also help that person be truly aware of how much happier they would be if they left their current relationship, becoming free to pursue you. What destiny cannot and will not do is brainwash them into leaving their current relationship, or force them to. Perhaps you have entered that person’s life to be the catalyst for change they need to free themselves of a burdensome romantic partner but the rest is up to them. That is where destiny has to take a backseat. Destiny can only do so much, the rest is up to them.


Soulmate Destiny

Destiny and Soulmate Relationships

Destiny may bring signs into our lives to help us see the direction we need to go in. We may think it is time to forget about a soulmate and move on. But destiny has other ideas and bombards you with sign after sign, reminding you of your soulmate. You feel like destiny is playing a cruel trick on you when all you want to do is get on with your life. Destiny isn’t being cruel, it is trying to keep you from making a mistake or bad decision.


Everything happens for a reason. You should pay attention to signs, as they are often messages from the Universe intended to help guide you on the right path.  Chance meetings and encounters are great signs and should not be disregarded. How you react and respond to those signs is up to you. Destiny may be bringing you back together to rekindle your soulmate relationship, but if you both act out or behave the wrong way, you will blow the opportunity. What did you learn during your time you were separated? That time was to be used wisely, creating personal growth to better be able to deal with a soulmate relationship.


Destiny has a power that we don’t. It can do things we can’t. But that doesn’t mean destiny will take care of everything. We need to take responsibility for our own happiness. It is part of your responsibility to the Universe. Destiny is your partner, and if you work in harmony with it, you will get the results you desire. If you do not, you surely will not.


Always be aware of the power you have in a soulmate relationship. Too many people feel out of control, as if there is no control over feelings, emotions, decisions and behaviors. That is wrong. The connection and love you have for your soulmate can either work for you, or work against you. If it is currently working against you, contact Sarah and Sophia to turn it around for the better.

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3 Responses to Destiny and Soulmate Relationships

  • Jess says:

    hello, i was told by a medium that i have a romantic soulmate connection with one of my friends. he is just recently single so he wont be ready for me for a while. i was told our relationship will be fireworks and magical but it will not end well.

    what do i do?

    also will destiny bring us together when the time is right?

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