Comparing Soulmate Relationships

Comparing soulmate relationships can be a big mistake. If you compare your soulmate relationship those in movies, television shows, or romance novels you are setting yourself up for a very frustrating experience. In the movies, television, and romance novels, soulmate relationships are often taken over the top and almost always have happy endings. Comparing the soulmate relationships you see everywhere else to your own soulmate experience can make you question the validity of your soulmate connection. Comparing your soul mate relationship to those of friends or family is a bad idea. Why?


Because just like snowflakes, each soulmate relationship is different. Additionally, timing is different in all soulmate relationships. Some soulmates meet early in life, some later in life. Some soulmates meet while they are both single, and some can meet while one or both are with different partners. Some soulmates meet and get involved in a relationship right away while some may not start their relationship for years. There are lessons to learn in every soulmate relationship. The changes and evolution of each soulmate relationship is different as well. To compare each journey and path of soulmates is a waste of time.


Comparing Soulmate Relationships

Comparing Soulmate Relationships

Comparing soulmate relationships can also cause undue stress and confusion. What methods may have worked to get one soulmate relationship on track may not work other soulmate relationships. Some soulmate relationships do not work out in the end, and some do. It is up to each individual in the couple to determine the success of their soulmate union. This can’t be defined by comparing yourselves to another pair of soulmates, or every soulmate, just the two in the relationship.


Some people will have more than one soulmate relationship in their lifetime, while others do not. If your first encounter with a soulmate did not work out, you may have the chance for another one. If you do have two, or more, soulmate relationships, comparing them is probably not a good idea either. The problems, issues, lessons, and path of each connection will be different. It is best to keep the experiences separate as well. There may be lessons you have learned from a previous soulmate relationship that of course you will not have to learn in the present one. But always remember, there are lessons to be learned and needed growth for each and every one.


When you are in the throes of soulmate drama, comparing your soulmate relationship to one that has weathered the storm will only make you feel worse. It could give you hope for the potential of your own soulmate relationship, if you allow it. But if comparing your soulmate relationship that is in tatters to one that is in bliss and harmony to make you miserable, it is best to refrain from comparison.


You may have lost your patience at this point because you have not yet met your soulmate. When you compare your lack of a soulmate to those who have one, you can become bitter and angry. A sense of self entitlement is not going to attract your soulmate to you. It may attract dysfunctional relationships to you, or none at all. Bitterness, anger, impatience, and entitlement is not the vibration you want to be giving off. Remember, not all of us will get a soulmate in this lifetime. To think you are entitled to one, rather than being gifted one, could be a major mistake on your part. The universe does not owe you a soulmate. Humble yourself and you may just get one.


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