Are You Tired of Waiting? Are You Losing Patience?

Are you tired of waiting for your romantic partner to get your relationship on track? You may be ready to hit the gas and ‘go go go’, but your partner has their foot stuck on the breaks. Patience is a hard thing to come by, and when you are waiting for the one you love to make a move, make changes, or step up to the plate, the wait can be excruciating and frustrating. We understand that you may have reached your limit and are tired of waiting.

are you tired of waiting have you lost your patience

Are you tired of waiting? Are you losing patience?


Perhaps you have been involved in an affair, and waiting for him to end his marriage. Men often get into affairs because they want an affair, not to leave their wives. They want a relationship outside of the marriage but have zero intention of ending that marriage. They do not always share this with you because most women would not even let the affair begin, much less waste years of their lives involved in one. Are you tired of waiting for his marriage to end and wonder if it ever will? Is it time to cut your losses, or does he truly intend to get a divorce to be with you?


Perhaps your are waiting for your guy to propose or discuss commitment with you? Have you been dating someone long-term (or are currently living with someone) and wondering when they will pop the question? A psychic reading will reveal if a proposal is coming, or if he is avoiding the marriage issue altogether. He may be planning a proposal that you are not aware of, while you are pissed off thinking it will never come. Lady Sarah and Sophia Elise will help you calm your temper before you blow up, especially if a proposal is in the works. They will tell you if he is satisfied with things the way they are and has not even given the idea of marriage a second thought. Some men think of marriage in the abstract, like “I will get married someday” but they are not putting a time frame to it.


If he has told you that he never wants to get married and you are hoping he will change his mind, you could be fooling yourself. Not every man will get married someday. Women tend to think if they are the right girl and he loves them enough then he will settle down. They think he has not considered marriage simply because he has not met “the one”. That is not always true, and a love psychic we will be able to tell you if he will ever be ready, willing and able to commit to marriage.

You have had a break up and cannot eat, sleep or think straight because all you want it to work it out and get back together. It is driving you crazy waiting for him to see things the same way and want to reunite. Sarah and Sophia will be able to tell you in there will be a reunion between you as well as provide insight and guidance to try and help you speed up the process.


You may be in an internet romance where he has all the power. You are always available to talk but he is not. He comes on strong but then pulls back. He disappears for days, weeks, or months. He has put off spending time, in person, time and time again. You feel such a connection to him, yet he holds back. You are tired of waiting, but what can you do?  Sarah and Sophia Elise will reveal if this internet romance will ever get off the ground or if it is time for you to let go.


You may be involved in a long distance relationship and have wondered if it will go anywhere. You are tired of waiting for him to have more time to see you and to discuss the possibilities of one of you relocating. Sarah and Sophia will be able to see if this long distance relationship is a dead end, or if it is worth the wait.


There are so many scenarios where a woman may find herself waiting on a man to get what she wants. One of the best ways to deal with your situation when you are tired of waiting, is to talk to us for clues, answers, clarity and guidance. We will guide your path so that you can achieve what you have been waiting for, it is attainable, as quickly as possible.

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  1. I been involved wt a married man for 5 years. I was married at the time the affaires started. I’m separate now. Not because of him I had a problem marriage observious because I got involved this this guy. He lives in the neighbor hood so I pass his house and seek in ever day. We love and have such strong feeling for each other. He comes seers me ever chance her gets. Sayes his marriage is over but I keep waiting. Now I asked him to leave her and he sayes give Jim time it’s goin to be on my terms when I do. Don’t want to loose him but is he blowing smoke ip my butt and using me for sex. He sayes he don’t have sex wt his wife lol . What to do ?????? Please help o have no one to talk to about this everyone knows him and I we live very close in a small nossie town .

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