A Soulmate is a Mirror

When you are in a soulmate relationship you will mirror each other. Soulmates mirror one another to allow each individual to see their true selves. Only when soulmates see their true selves can they evolve to be a better version of who they truly are, becoming their truest and highest self. Soulmate mirroring forces you to take a long hard look at who you really are, warts and all.


Do you have any insecurities you have been trying to keep at bay? If so, you can expect your soulmate to bring them to the surface. This occurs so you can finally deal with them and get rid of them once and for all. Actually if you have any unresolved issues, especially when it comes to relationships, your soulmate will encourage you to renounce them and evolve to a better person of yourself.


There are other forms of the soulmate mirror in that we often find in a soulmate someone who shares the same tastes in music, art, food choices and even lifestyle. Soulmates often discover their life paths have been a similar journey, sharing many synchronicities although they were living separate lives. For example, your grandmothers may have both been born in the same little town in a foreign country. Such striking parallels are validation from the Universe of the soulmate connection. It is truly a joyous feeling to be with someone who has great compatibility with you on so many deep levels. You both feel you have finally met your match, the other half of yourselves and may at time feel you share a brain. Up to this point, everything seems to be moving along perfectly and believe this relationship is meant to be.


soumate mirroring

A Soulmate is a Mirror

Very often the mirror can have a ‘darker side’ when we must consider issues within our psyches that need to be addressed, especially if we are don’t want to work on them. This is actually the point where all hell can break lose, and very often does. This is where many problems develop within the relationship especially when one of the soulmates does not want to evolve, even though this is why the Universe brought you together: to work on yourselves to become better versions of you. 


For example, let’s say Tom and Miranda are soulmates. Tom starts sabotaging the relationship because of his insecurities that developed from prior relationship experiences.  He test Miranda to see if she will leave him, because he is afraid she will. So he breaks dates, acts weird and aloof some times, won’t talk about his feelings, or tries to deny them. Now what Miranda should see in the mirror is Tom’s insecurity and the need for him to fix it. Instead, Miranda gets insecure and becomes afraid Tom will end the relationship. She should see she needs to deal with his insecurity instead of creating her own. By getting insecure herself she is bringing even more insecurity into the relationship!


If Miranda wants Tom to be strong, shouldn’t she be strong herself? If Miranda wants Tom to believe in their soulmate connection, shouldn’t she? Miranda should be leading by example, as in an example of strength. By showing Tom weakness, she is feeding his insecurity as well as hers. 


Because soulmates often mirror one another it is easy to get caught up in what they are reflecting. What needs to be done at times like this is to see what they are projecting, then go inward. What has their negative projection brought to your surface? That is what you must deal with. Don’t mirror their negativity back to them, it will only grow, and how can that help? Mirroring, even the negative side of it, can be a great thing for soulmates if they only learn the lessons brought to them and make the changes necessary to make themselves better people.



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