A Soulmate Connection Can Work Against You

As we discussed already in so many of our posts, a soulmate connection is truly one of the most amazing soul connections to another being. The strength and depth of a soulmate connection is very difficult to break. Many couples are able to work through many issues, weathering any storm, because of the spiritual quality of a soulmate connection.


But just like everything else in life, there is both a good side and a bad side to that connection. It can work for you or against you. A soulmate connection is supposed to bring out the best in you, empower you, and give you the strength needed to grow and expand your life. This is how a soul mate connection can work for you.


But how does a soul mate connection work against you? The intensity of the connection between soulmates is very strong, powerful, deep and intense. It is a feeling many people experienced before and quite possibly will never encounter again. So many people call us saying, “I have never felt anything like this in my life”. For some people, the strong intensity can be very overwhelming and they run from it. This is the first example of how a soul mate connection can work against you.


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A Soulmate Connection Can Work Against You

Another example of how a soulmate connection can work against you is when strong people refuse to take strength from the connection. Instead, they allow it to make them weak. You know right from wrong. You know what the right thing to do is. You know you should not allow someone to disrespect you or your relationship. You know better. But for soulmates, even though many people know better, they don’t do better. We see time and time again, how people cut their soulmates so much slack, letting them get away with relationship murder. What they don’t realize is they have helped to create a dysfunctional soulmate relationship. Instead of demanding better behavior from their soulmates, they sink to their partners level. Soulmates should rise to a higher level, and stay at that level, to maintain the functionality of the relationship.


Soulmate connections, if you really believe in them, should help you and your partner dispel any fears or insecurities.  One of the main reasons for soulmate relationships, and twin flame relationships as well, is to provide soul healing. As we heal, from past relationship dramas and chaos, fears and worries should dissipate. The sad things is, many soulmate connections highlight fears that are then acted upon. They use the connection as their excuse for being afraid. But if you believe the connection exists, why would you come from a place of fear? It simply doesn’t make sense. A soulmate connection comes from a place of love, and there is no room for both. Fear does not help us make logical decisions, and often fear lives within us and not in our reality.


When your soul mate is not acting like a lover and more like an enemy or a stranger, that connection can work against you. You may want to forget all about them, put them out of your mind and your heart, but you just can’t let them go. These people find a soulmate connection to be more of a curse than a blessing. It is hard to let go of the control you want to have over your emotions and the relationship itself, and it takes time. The truth of the matter is you can’t control a soulmate connection but you can control how your emotional reactions within yourself, to your soulmate and romantic partner. Also check out our article Soulmate Connection Both a Blessing and a Curse.


You must not let your connection to this person destroy any chance you have of finding even a little happiness in each day. You need to find a way to put it on the back burner, at least in the present time. Let your soul mate learn their lessons without torturing yourself on a daily basis. Stay away from their social media pages, and don’t reach out to make contact. Let it be for now, and don’t let your fears force you to find out what they are up to and with whom. This information will not set you free, it will keep you imprisoned. This is a very dangerous aspect of the soulmate connection, which can actually lead to obsession, which could ultimately ruin any possibility of having this soulmate in your life.


So many people want to find their soul mate and feel that connection. We say “be careful what you wish for” because it is not always a positive experience.

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  1. I am currently in separation from my twin. I have left him alone to work out his own issues. We work together and the pain of separation is very difficult for me. I am currently seeking employment else where. I know that moving away from him will not sever the connection, but maybe not seeing him everyday will lessen the pain….

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